Bio of Maria Pia

Maria Pia

-Maria Pia-

Who Am I?

That is the question of the ages…

  • I am a woman who is completely and utterly in awe of anything beauty related.
  • I am self-taught in almost every interest I have ever had in my life.
  • I truly believe self-sufficiency is the key to a productive and satisfying existence.
  • My appreciation for the good fortune which has been bestowed upon me, is what makes me who I am; my children, husband, family, dog and health.
  • I regard all past experiences (good and bad) as learning experiences.
  • I know there is knowledge to be gained from the most unlikeliest of sources.
  • Being a former teacher, I am inspired by children, their honesty and constant zest for life.
  • I am a lover of kindness, graciousness, good will, common sense and intelligence.
  • I am obsessed with any and all aspects of the supernatural genre.
  • I am humorously sarcastic.
  • I can talk to anyone, except rude and entitled people.
  • I love dogs!
  • I have never met a red lipstick I did not like.
  • I am a bit neurotic when it comes to cleaning and organizing my house.
  • I am constantly in search of the perfect health shake.
  • I am an avid reader and writer.
  • I am simply put….. ME!!!

My Shiba Inu…Yoshi Bear.