NOTW: Deborah Lippmann Sarah Smile


Deborah Lippmann Sarah Smile:

The color de la semaine is a little out of the norm for me.  I had to tap into my conservative side and select a color which would be church appropriate.  So naturally, I turned to Deborah Lippmann Sarah Smile ($17 US) for some inspiration and celebration.  According to Deborah Lippmann she created this color with none other than Sarah Jessica Parker.  Would that be enough incentive for you to purchase this color?  It was not for me.  I like me some SJP, but after Sex in the City 2……Do not get me started talking about that fiasco….Back to nail polish.


Sarah Smile is doing just that…she’s mocking me... all the way to the bank.  The consistency of this polish is rubbish!  What you are looking at in the photo is the result of THREE coats of polish with the addition of a base coat and top coat.  Five coats of nail polish!!!   “Ain’t nobody got time for that”.  Apparently, I made time for that considering I did not have a choice!!  This polish is appropriately described as a sheer.  SS is very streaky with the first two coats.  A third coat does even things out and the color is very flattering, however, a final fourth coat would have been ideal.  To be honest, I did not possess the strength to go on any further.  Note to oneself:  Do not try out new polishes the day before a big event!!   

Deborah Lippmann polishes are sold everywhere!  Lord & Taylor, Space NK,,,, Nordstrom, etc..

THE VERDICT:  If makeup could talk what would it say?

Makeup would tell you, don’t waste your money on this highly dupable color.  OPI makes beautiful polishes in this same color family at very reasonable prices.  I seriously doubt Carrie would have approved this formula…I could picture her now, sitting by her window typing her column, “I often wonder, do I go out with Big, Aiden, have a Menage à Trois, or paint may nails with this ridiculous polish?”  I think we all know the answer to that question.  Be well and stay safe.