Laura Mercier Ritual Baked Blush Bronze review and swatch.


Laura Mercier Ritual Baked Blush and Bronze:

Do you see this beauty?  Do I even need to elaborate past this sentence?  Can you predict what my thoughts will be on this product?  Well here goes…Introducing Laura Mercier Ritual Baked Blush and Bronze ($36US/9.50 g).   This stunner is part of the Folklore Collection Spring/Summer 2013.  According to LM website, Ritual is comprised of 5 different colors and baked to “provide the perfect, natural color for cheeks and face.”   I would have to say that description is spot on.   This is a very pigmented, dark rosy brown shade with a slight pink shimmer that works surprisingly well as a bronzer.

Multiple uses for Ritual:

The pink veining in the product does make it usable as a blush.  If used as a blush tread lightly.   Did I say Ritual is dark and pigmented?  This product does not contain any orange undertone what so ever!!  Bare Minerals Faux tan is similar, in that they both are on the reddish side of the bronzer spectrum.   Bronzers that fall in this realm are regarded as mimicking the natural effects of the sun!!   Ritual’s powder is finely milled and applies smoothly, it does not come off as a shimmery mess on the skin.   Instead Ritual subtly highlights the areas in which it is applied.  It gives off the “glow” we often hear about in the beauty community.  I also use this beauty as an all over eyeshadow or crease/blend out color.   Ritual lasted on my face for a solid 6 hours with noticeable fading on the cheek area.  In all fairness, this can be attributed to my annoying habit of always resting my hand on my face when I read.  Hey ho, I still LOVE the color…I will endure!!


Laura Mercier Ritual swatched heavily and blended out.

As much as I love this product, it maybe too dark for someone with a fair complexion.  Could it work?  Sure anything can work on anyone, however proceed with caution.  Use a fluffy bronzer brush or even a stippling brush to apply Ritual AS A BRONZER.  To my eye this would be catastrophic if used as a blush for the fairest in the land.   I have a fair complexion (NW20/25), however because I have such dark (hair, eyes, and brows) and strong features, Ritual works for me in all regards (lucky duck).  Below are a few popular bronzer comparisons.


Top row: LM Ritual, Bare Minerals Faux Tan, Bobbi Brown Medium
Middle row: Edward Bess Daydream, Too Faced Chocolate, Chanel Soleil tan de Chanel Bronze Universal
Bottom Row: Dior Nude Tan 003 Cinnamon


LM Ritual, BM Faux Tan, BB Medium, EB Daydream, Too Faced Chocolate, Chanel, Dior.


I use my Tom Ford bronzer brush to apply Ritual as a bronzer followed by my RMK blusher brush to apply Ritual as a blush.  If you are not familiar with a RMK brush, it is very similar to the Suqqu blush brush, as both are very soft and designed to give light application with pigmented products.  Any STIPPLING  brush from any line sill suffice.  Sonia Kashuk makes an affordable version that can be acquired from your local Target.

Laura Mercier Ritual is available for purchase at Nordstrom, Lord & Taylor, Bergdorf, Sakes,, etc..


Laura Mercier Ritual used as a bronzer, blush and crease color (triple treat…oh yes).

THE VERDICT:  If makeup could talk what would it say?

It would tell you to go to the counter and see “my Precious” in person.  Picture me with Gollum’s voice (Lord of the Rings dude) stroking my Ritual compact against my face and repeatedly chiming,  “Precious, oh my precious please become a permanent item in LM line”.   You are getting a sizable amount for a reasonable price compared to other lines (Guerlain I’m looking at you with your Terracotta bronzer ($75) that smells like my Grandmother).  It would be wise to go see Ritual in person (have I stressed that enough?) because there is only one color offered and some may not find this suitable for their complexion.  Makeup also says,  “remember, it’s only makeup, you don’t likey you don’t keep!!!”     Be well and stay safe!



Laura Mercier Ritual Baked Blush Bronze ingredient list.