Giorgio Armani Flash Lacquer 608 swatches, photos, review.

Giorgio Armani Flash Lacquer 608.

Giorgio Armani Flash Lacquer 608.

Giorgio Armani Flash Lacquer 608 ($29US/6.5 ml) is the newest creation from Giorgio Armani Beauty.  According to the Armani website:

 “Giorgio Armani premieres the newest generation in lip gloss with Flash Lacquer. Flash Lacquer provides the highest reflection ever achieved, even after blotting lips. The shape and shine technology causes light to reflect off of every point of surface for a pure pop of color.”

Well that is a very bold statement.  The ultimate lip gloss formula, with long-lasting shine, moisture and color (according to the sale associate at my counter).  Let’s put it to the test…..Shall we….


Admittedly the formula is somewhat smooth, however these are very sheer glosses.  In fact, an arm swatch yields more color than a lip swatch.  Flash Lacquer 608 is a plumy color mixed with multi colored shimmers; very promising color selection.  Regardless, when the gloss dries down or is removed, the shimmers remain behind and migrate around the mouth and chin area.  My sense of touch also spies a sightly gritty texture when lips are rubbed together.  At this price point the shimmers should feel undetectable!

Giorgio Armani Flash Lacquer 608 lip swatch.

Giorgio Armani Flash Lacquer 608 lip swatch.  Much lighter in person.


According to the press release, these are longer wearing, glossier lip glosses than the typical glosses out on the market.   I am here to debunk that claim.  On its own, Flash Lacquer 608 was very pale and lasted all of two hours on me, therefore, I applied it very sparingly on top of Laura Mercier Mango Lip Colour.  This combo lasted on me for two hours before it feathered into my fine lines and migrated outwardly.  After three hours, Flash Lacquer 608 caused my lip color to fade unevenly, leaving a glossy ring around the perimeter of my mouth.  I was so disgusted, I wiped it off before I could photograph the hideousness for all to see.

Three hours after application.  GA flash lacquer on top of Laura Mercier Mango lip Colour.

Feathering into my fine lines. GA flash lacquer 608 on top of Laura Mercier Mango Lip Colour.

The Pros:

The absence of flavoring/fragrance and a sturdy applicator seem to be the only redeeming qualities these glosses possess.  The packaging is typical Armani and far more attractive than the tacky red packaging of the Lip Maestro.

There are 32 colors in the lineup, my Nordstrom only had 12 colors on display, most of which were shimmers.  I suspect the high level of shimmers in these products is what Armani Beauty was hoping would aid with the “high reflection” claim.  Giorgio Armani Beauty is sold at Nordstrom, Sakes, Neiman Marcus, Bergdorf, Barney’s, and Giorgio

THE VERDICT:  If makeup could talk what would it say?

Makeup would tell you there are drugstore glosses that out perform Giorgio Armani Flash Lacquer 608.  Prestige Mineral Gloss in Shimmering Sand performs better than GA, at a fraction of the price.  Flash Lacquers are simply average glosses packaged and branded with the Armani name and sold at exorbitant prices.  I felt like Lloyd Dobler in Say Anything,

 I don’t want to sell anything bought or processed, or buy anything sold or processed, or process anything sold, bought, or processed, or repair anything sold, bought, or processed.

You know you have made a bad purchase when you start quoting Lloyd Dobler and questioning your consumer savvy. What have you bought lately, In Your Eyes (Peter Gabriel dude), that has not met your expectations?  Be well and stay safe.



Armani you broke my heart!!  In Your Eyes, I am not complete….