Just say, “Heck Yes” to Marc Jacobs Wine Not Nail Lacquer.

Marc Jacobs Wine Not

Have you ever come across a makeup item that you could not stop thinking about?  I know it sounds utterly absurd, but ever since I laid eyes on images of Marc Jacobs Wine Not Nail Lacquer ($18 USD/.43 fl.oz.), I knew sooner or later this beguiling polish would be mine.  Five months later, I can happily say, he was well worth the wait.  🙂

Marc Jacobs Wine Not

Marc Jacobs Wine Not Nail Lacquer photographed with indoor lighting.

  • Wine Not is a gorgeous deep bordeaux color with a sophisticated metallic sheen.  The primary combination of purple and red mixed with the finest matching pearl, gives the color a fiery depth.
  • When viewed indoors the color deepens, but never to the point were it could be mistaken for a black polish.  On the contrary, Wine Not is quite distinctive, it emits a fantastic crimson radiance from every angle.
Marc Jacobs Wine Not

Marc Jacobs Wine Not Nail Lacquer photographed against full sun exposure.

  • Wine Not’s luminosity truly comes out in full force when exposed to sunlight.  I mean look at this color, the effect is downright stunning.  The color shifts from a playful deep wine to an enchanting scarlet hue right before your eyes.
  • This is the type of color that can be worn all year round, against a variety of skin tones and for any occasion.  Lighter polishes seem to dominate during the warmer months, however no one will dispute how chic and classic this polish looks even for this time of year.

Marc Jacobs Wine Not


  • The formula has a substantial texture that applies evenly and smoothly–two coats was sufficient for full opacity.
  • The dry time is also noteworthy–I felt as if my manicure ended before it even began–my nails were dry in 35 minutes.  Normally, with other polishes drying time ranges between 1-1½ hours.
  • For those of you wondering, my polish routine is rather basic, consisting of two other products that are rather affordable and accessible.  I start with one coat of my base coat (Nutra-Nail here), followed by two coats of Wine Not, concluding with a top coat (Sally Hansen Insta-Dri here). Viola–35 minutes later beautifully polished nails.
Marc Jacobs Wine Not Pomellato jewelry

Marc Jacobs Wine Not freshly applied.

Marc Jacobs Wine Not

Marc Jacobs Wine Not on the fifth day.

  • The wear time of Marc Jacobs’s nail lacquers are fantastic (reviewed Sally here) .  I managed to successfully wear this polish a full six days with minor tip wear and no chipping in sight.
  • The first photo shows how Wine Not appeared on initial application against my olive complexion.
  • The second photo shows how well the polish held up amidst days of cooking, cleaning, and etc.  A top coat was reapplied on the fourth day to refresh the shine of the polish. (FYI: wearing rubber gloves while doing house chores helps preserve your manicure and the overall appearance of your hands).  
  • Marc Jacob’s nail lacquers are touted as high shine; however, in my experience, they possess the same amount of shine as any other polish–a top coat is definitely needed.
Ingredient List for Marc Jacobs Wine Not

Ingredient List for Marc Jacobs Wine Not.

Marc Jacobs Wine Not

A big kiss to Marc J. for a job well done…”Muah.”

  • The bottle’s unique silhouette is another appealing feature of the brand. Did you know Marc purposely designed the base of the bottle to resemble a smile?  This bit of design trivia makes me love this polish even more.   🙂

**Marc Jacobs Wine Not Nail Lacquer is considered limited edition and can be found at Sephora (VIB Rouge only) or marcjacobsbeauty.com.**

THE VERDICT:  If makeup could talk what would it say?

Makeup would tell you Marc Jacobs Wine Not Nail Lacquer is one of the most captivating colors of the year.  The supple formula, fantastic wear, fast drying time and exquisite bottle design has definitely given me reason to go back for another color.  Will you be saying, “Heck Yes” to Wine Not or let this beauty slip away?  Until next time, be well, stay safe and be happy.


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