Nails Inc Magnetic Polish Houses of Parliament review and photos.

Nails Inc Magnetic Polish Houses of Parliament nail swatch.

Nails Inc Magnetic Polish Houses of Parliament nail swatch.

This week’s nail polish selection was dictated by my darling niece “N”.  She and her friends are simply mad for nail polish (girls after my own heart).  After sorting through my treasure trove of polishes, she gravitated toward Nails Inc Magnetic Polish Houses of Parliament ($16 US/ .33 fl oz.).  Striking my signature polish pose, “N”  showcased this gorgeous purple/black polish in the most professional manner.  “N” was so delighted with her selection, she asked to sport the same polish for her back to school debut.  How could I resist such a sweet request from a future cosmetics enthusiast 🙂 *click on each photo to enlarge.

Nails Inc Magnetic Polish Houses of Parliament nail swatch.

Nails Inc Magnetic Polish Houses of Parliament nail swatch.

The Color/Pros:

Houses of Parliament (HOP) is clearly a purple polish with black magnetic waving.  This color seems to suit the younger crowd perfectly, however I must admit I am quite smitten with this design as well.  The rippling black waves are so enchanting and refined that an adult could wear this polish and not feel as if they are back in middle-school.  From afar, HOP can never be mistaken for a black polish, the purple base radiates around each cascading black wave.  Houses of Parliament requires two coats;  the first coat acts as an anchor for the second coat.  The directions for use are as follows:

  1. Apply one even coat of polish to all of the nails.
  2. The second coat must be administered one finger at a time.  The second coat cannot be too thin, or the metallic pigments will not emerge from the polish.
  3. Immediately after applying the second coat, use the magnet (located on the top of the polish cap) on the wet polish and carefully hover it above the nail polish.  Make sure not to get too close to the wet polish.
  4. Hold the magnet for @ 10 seconds starting in the center and slowly moving the magnet left to right.
  5. Remove the magnet and repeat steps 2-4 for each remaining nail.


L-R:  First coat, second magnetized coat.

The brush is very similar to Rococo’s polishes (reviewed here) and OPI.  The brush design is ideally suited for any nail shape and width, it is wide from base to tip and has just the right density to support such a substantial polish.  I also appreciate the shorter length of the handle for optimal control and application.  The magnet comes in a rectangular shape with a raised curve edge used as a guide/barrier to maneuver the magnet on top of the wet nail polish.  I found the magnet to possess just the right amount of strength to attract the metal pigments in the polish.  Nail Inc Houses of Parliament lasted five days in the most extreme conditions; “N’s” trip to an all day water park and back-to-back soccer games.  Very impressive, if I do say so myself!

Nails Inc Magnetic Polish Houses of Parliament magnet.

Nails Inc Magnetic Polish Houses of Parliament magnet.

The Cons:

Very little negativity can be doled out about this color/formula.  The only obvious concern is one must have patience and time to apply a magnetic polish.  The first coat applies in the standard fashion, but the second magnetized coat must be done nail-by-nail.  If your patience threshold is at a minimum, then this polish is not for you; seek color elsewhere.

Nails Inc Magnetic Polish Houses of Parliament can be found at Sephora and

THE VERDICT:  If makeup could talk what would it say?

Makeup would tell you Nails Inc Magnetic Polish Houses of Parliament is a universally flattering hue/design that will appeal to a wide variety of ages.  I loved this color so much I deemed it appropriate to wear to my nephew’s Confirmation ceremony.  Why not?  I’m hip, happening and fabulous….and so are YOU!  Be well and stay safe.


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