NOTW: POP Beauty Violetta

POP Beauty Violetta swatch.

POP Beauty Violetta swatch.

When it comes to personal style my comfort zone lies in the basic.  I enjoy wearing dark colors (clothes wise and polish wise), they suit my skin tone and lifestyle perfectly.  I am not one of those people who could ever wear Lily Pulitzer’s signature pastel wardrobe (not that there is anything wrong that).  The combination of pastel green and pink is deadly to a light olive-skinned, dark eyes and hair Italian; we are a deeply morbid lot 🙂 So when I came across POP Beauty Violetta ($10/US) nail glam at Ulta, I knew I had to give this bright flower a chance to show me the error of my dark ways.

The Color/Formula:

The tone of Violetta is very bright, the color does indeed POP!  On the nails it has the most enchanting effect. The obvious base color is magenta (*fun fact: magenta is named after a town in the province of Milan), but it seems to have a blue luminous undertone (that is where the violet comes into play).  It was very difficult to photograph the true dimension of this color.  In photography, Violetta appears as a bright pink, but in real life it is a deep magenta/purple. The formula is fantastic!  According to Ulta’s description of POP Beauty nail polishes,

 Each POP Beauty Nail Glam shade is non-occlusive so it won’t stain nails. Nail Glams also contain nylon which helps create a strengthening non-chip barrier which ensures that Nail Glams’ staying power is sensational!

Unsightly mistakes haunt my every brush stroke, they are the bane of my polishing experience.  Violetta was a welcomed pleasure to use, wear, and remove.

POP Beauty Violetta.

POP Beauty Violetta.

The Pros:

Other than the “no-staining” claim, this polish applies like a dream.  The formula has an odd consistency, it is fluid but with substance.  POP Beauty Violetta is beautifully opaque in two coats without any streaks or bubbling in sight.  The polish settles on the nails perfectly, the results resemble the precision of a professional manicure.  Cleaning off any edges was so effortless, one swipe of my dampened orange wood stick (with Zoya polish remover) and presto, all mistakes were obliterated!  Violetta lived up to the claim of having a “chip barrier”, six days of chip free nails was easily achieved.   As always wear time depends on one’s activities.  As expected, POP Beauty Violetta is 3 free: no Toluene, Formaldehyde, and DBP.


The Cons:

The brush handle is long, making application a bit strange.  This maybe a matter of personal preference, but it did take some getting use to.  Violetta dries down to a matte finish, a top coat is a must if you want this polish to shine.  Violetta looks different in every lighting situation.  In natural daylight/direct sunlight it is a deep magenta/purple (true color my favorite), in fluorescent lighting it morphs into glowy purple, in darkened natural conditions it is a red/purple, and finally in all photography Violetta is a bright pinky/magenta. Of course to some this will be an attractive feature, but try telling my camera that, “she” was rather miffed when trying to capture Violetta’s true color (50 pictures later and still no deep magenta/purple) 🙂


POP Beauty is sold at Ulta, Nordstrom,,, and

THE VERDICT:  If makeup could talk what would it say?

Makeup would tell you POP Beauty Violetta is a seriously fun, festive, bright, colorful, happy color that will definitely get your nails noticed.  My eldest son commented, “Mommy, now that’s a color you should be wearing.”  I love him!  Will this experience convert my dark soul into wearing more pinks and pastels? There are only so many new tricks this “young” dog is willing to learn.  My version of a “pink collection” will be limited to my POP Beauty Violetta nail glam, my lipsticks, and my beloved Pomellato Nudo Pink Quartz earrings…Finito!! Now if only I can find a matching lip shade….The hunt is ON!  Be well and stay safe.