Diorskin Nude Cosmopolite Illuminating Face Powder review and swatches.

Dior Cosmopolite Illuminating Powder.

Before the start to every post, I usually recount the reason(s) that lead me to the item of interest.  Many times, the draw to a product is out of need or happy coincidence, however, when it came to Dior Diorskin Nude Cosmopolite Illuminating Face Powder ($45 USD/7g) my basic primal instinct of, I see-I like-I want, engulfed all my senses.  Sometimes, it is these sort of purchases that end up being the most treasured.  🙂  I hope you enjoy.

Dior Cosmopolite Illuminating Powder


Dior Cosmopolite Illuminating

The Pros to Diorskin Nude Cosmopolite Illuminating Face Powder:

  1. Beautiful light golden shade with peachy undertones.
  2. Unbelievably smooth texture glides on the skin with the greatest of ease.
  3. Lightweight formula can be applied dry or with a slightly dampened brush for more noticeable results.
  4. Optimal highlighting results when applied with a dense brush (ex. Tom Ford Cream Foundation Brush).
  5. Leaves a lovely soft focused effect when applied with a less dense brush (ex. RMK, Suqqu, Chikuhodo) over blush and bronzer.
  6. Lasts all day on my dry skin.
  7. Does not settle into pores or fine lines.
  8. Contains superfine shimmer that is sophisticated not showy.
  9. Can be worn by all skin tones–medium and darker complexions will especially love the effect in its dampened state.
  10. Can be used as a neutral brightening eyeshadow and inner corner highlight color.
  11. Slim dark navy compact contains a sizable mirror and a protective velour pouch.
  12. Contemporary Dior lettering design reminds me of the hanging charms on the Lady Dior handbag.
  13. Does not contain mineral oil, parabens or distinct fragrance.
  14. Made in France.

The Cons to Diorskin Nude Cosmopolite Illuminating Face Powder:

  1. For US customers, not available in-store, only sold on Dior.com.  
  2. Limited-edition.  WHY?  🙁  
  3. Accompanying brush is rather flimsy–quality is not befitting of the brand.


Dior Cosmopolite

Dior Cosmopolite Illuminating Powder swatch.

  • As you can tell by the first photo, the powder is rather concentrated and soft, but not too soft.  My finger swatch was obtained using light pressure without any powder displacement.
  • The second photo shows how light and airy the texture appears on the skin.  When used with a dry brush, the effect is almost reminiscent of Hourglass Ambient Powders.  Personally, I enjoy applying Cosmopolite over my entire check area (over highlighter, blush and bronzer) for a soft focus effect.
  • For more noticeable results, the powder does take on a more striking presence when used with a dampened brush.  I simply take some water (in a spray bottle) and lightly mist my brush and proceed to glide the brush over the powder in a single downward motion (do not swirl).  Using the same downward technique, I place the color on the tops of my cheeks.
  • This method creates a more concentrated texture, excellent adhesion to the skin, and outstanding longevity.
Dior Diorskin Nude Cosmopolite Illuminating Powder

Diorskin Nude Cosmopolite Illuminating Face Powder worn as a highlighter on the tops of the cheeks.

  • For the above photo, Cosmopolite was applied with a dampened brush to the tops of the cheeks.  The effect was rather remarkable for such an unassuming powder.
Dior Cosmopolite Illuminating Powder

Diorskin Nude Cosmopolite Illuminating Face Powder worn on the tops of the cheeks and then lightly dusted over my blush and bronzer.

  • For the above photo, Cosmopolite was applied in the same manner as the first photo, however, as a final step, I used a less dense brush (RMK blush brush) and applied the powder over the entire cheek area to diffuse and meld the highlighter, blush and bronzer.  Cosmopolite was also applied to the bridge of the nose and as an inner corner highlight.
Diorskin Nude Cosmopolite Illuminating Face Powder

Diorskin Nude Cosmopolite Illuminating Face Powder used as an eyeshadow all over the mobile lid.

  • As you can tell, Cosmopolite makes an absolutely darling eyeshadow.  The slight illuminating quality of the powder keeps this simple eye look from looking too flat and boring.  Oddly enough, the day I wore this look, I received so many compliments–go figure, sometimes less is truly the best.  🙂
Diorskin Cosmopolite Illuminating ingredient list

Diorskin Cosmopolite Illuminating Face Powder ingredient list (click to enlarge).

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**Diorskin Cosmopolite Illuminating Face Powder can be found online at Dior.com and at Dior counters in Europe and beyond 🙂 **

THE VERDICT:  If makeup could talk what would it say?

Makeup would tell you this magnificent powder was worth every penny.  The soft texture, weightless feel, and versatility are nothing short of wonderful.  As a side note, if you are on the fence about ordering from Dior’s site, rest assure the customer service is top-notch.  My Diorskin Cosmopolite Illuminating Face Powder arrived at my door in one day.  So enough chitchat–will you be indulging in Cosmo before it ceases to exist? 🙂   Until next time, be well, stay safe and be happy.


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  1. Julia Harper says:

    You always have the most stunning eye makeup looks!! I love so many of them and they also look fantastic on my (almost exact same color) eyes. Please, what is the stunning purple liner you are wearing in this blog entry? Just THE perfect pop of color on otherwise fairly neutral palette.
    Thanks so much! I anxiously await your new entries.

    • hello Julia,

      Thank you so much for your lovely compliment and for your support.

      The liner is not purple, but a deep navy with blue shimmers. The liner is Trish McEvoy Arabian Nights Intense Gel Liner reviewed (here).

      I hope this helps.


  2. Vanessa Lowe says:

    Hi there. Will you please share the pinkish-berry lipstick you are wearing?
    Thanks and Happy 2017

  3. Oh my! That is one lovely color! Why limited edition? probably because it costs one penny more pigment-wise and that might bankrupt the brand! *snark* Dior should keep this permanently because this would be a bestseller all the time! That is one perfect color on you and anyone! I love it on the eye!!!

  4. OOOO this reminds me: got to try this damp! It’s interesting how the shade changes a little when it’s damp. I think it looks even better on you that way! Thanks for the link love! 🙂

  5. Oh I love this one on you and it works so flawlessly as an eye shadow! I must try it too. I am so glad you are enjoying it, otherwise I would be the one to blame 😉 Thanks so much for the link love.
    Big hugs

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