Illamasqua Epic Beyond Powder review and comparisons.

Illamasqua Epic

Let me preface this post by stating the obvious–I am weak when it comes to illuminators.  My flippant attitude toward my addiction may seem amusing, but in all honestly, I really cannot resist highlighting powders.  My collection is filled with various colors, textures and brands to last several lifetimes, yet, I opt to purchase new ones time and time again.  Seemingly discontent (aka: bored) with all the native offerings, I headed overseas to Illamasqua Epic Beyond Powder ($45 USD/7g).  The enticing gleam, pillow-like appearance, exquisite packaging and the golden/copper coloring had me at “ADD to CART.”   I hope you enjoy!

Illamasqua Epic

Illamasqua Epic Beyond Powder.

 Epic Beyond Powder

Illamasqua Epic Beyond Powder.

The Pros to Illamasqua Epic Beyond Powder:

  1. Beautifully presented product–from the design of the powder to the lightweight stylish compact.
  2. Compact comes with a sizable distortion-free mirror.
  3. Soft baked powder is featherweight and glides on the skin smoothly.
  4. Golden/copper color with a slight rose undertone is ideal for warm, medium, olive and dark skins.
  5. Lighter skins can use Epic, sparingly over a blush or bronzer for added warmth.
  6. Can be applied dry for a healthy glow or wet for a flat-out, in-your-face radiance.
  7. A peachy sheen emerges the more the powder is blended.
  8. Appears very subtle in natural lighting.
  9. Formula contains multidimensional shimmers that do not settle on top of the skin, rather blend out to become one with the skin.
  10. Lasts on my dry skin for a solid 8-9 hours, with minimal fading thereafter.
  11. Can be used anywhere –eyes, face, and body.
  12. Formulated with minimal ingredients (see below) sans mineral oil and parabens.
  13. Made in Italy.   🙂

The Cons to Illamasqua Epic Beyond Powder:

  1. The soft texture inevitably produces powder kick-up, even with the lightest touch.
  2. The lightweight shimmers noticeably disperse when tapping off your brush.
  3. As a result, the compact gets dirty quickly around the perimeter of the powder and the outside casing is a fingerprint magnet.
  4. Massive compact is the size of my palm and takes up a lot of room in a makeup bag.
  5. The malleable formula creates a hard-pan look (not feel) on the surface of the powder with every brush stroke (as seen in the fourth photo below)–totally superficial, but worth noting.
  6. The sheer nature of this formula will not be suitable for those that desire immediate, high impact results.
Illamasqua Epic highlighter

Illamasqua Epic Beyond Powder.

Illamasqua Epic

Illamasqua Epic Beyond Powder.

Illamasqua Epic highlighter

Illamasqua Epic Beyond Powder heavy and blended swatch (photo taken with flash).

  • As you can tell when swatched, Epic appears quite pigmented.  The ultra soft formula, however blends out rather easily, similar to a cream product.  The finely milled shimmers are not pronounced in the least, in fact they almost dissipate into a gleaming veil over the skin.
Illamasqua Epic Beyond Powder

Illamasqua Epic Beyond Powder with Wayne Goss 02 Brush.

  • After trying several brushes, I decided the best tool in my collection suited for this formula is the Wayne Goss 02 Brush.  The natural hairs are the perfect length, density, feel and shape for picking-up a modest amount of powder.
  • When attempting to use my Chikuhodo Brushes, I found the natural soft blue squirrel hair too delicate to adhere and blend the powder to my satisfaction.
  • I experienced a similar dilemma when utilizing my Eve Pearl Fan brush.  Normally, this is my go-to brush for depositing an elegant dose of radiance, but the feathery composition was not ample enough to hold the lightweight powder.

Highlighter Comparisons:

HIghlighter Powders

Highlighter Comparison L-R:
Illamasqua Epic Beyond Powder, Laura Mercier Spellbound, and Anastasia Beverly Hills Mimosa from the Gleam Glow Kit.

HIghlighter Powders

Highlighter Comparison L-R:
Illamasqua Epic Beyond Powder, Laura Mercier Spellbound, and Anastasia Beverly Hills Mimosa from the Gleam Glow Kit (photo taken with flash).

  • Laura Mercier Spellbound has a more densely pigmented base color than Epic.  On first impression, both formulas look very similar, but Spellbound feels more concentrated than Epic. The light peach/gold coloring is great for paler complexions and will produce a noticeable highlight with minimal effort.
  • Illamasqua Epic Beyond Powder has an airier formula and the deepest coloring of the lot.  With that said, Epic swatches quite impressively compared to actual application.  Once applied to the face with a brush, the powder sheers out to reveal a lovely peachy glow.  One really has to utilize multiple layers or use the formula wet to get the potency present in the pan.  For my personal use, this type of highlighter is held in high regard, it inherently restrains my heavy-handedness.
  • Anastasia Beverly Hills Mimosa is the most concentrated of the bunch.  This formula has more gold in the mix and the metallic finish requires a fan brush for favorable results.  Personally, I prefer to mix Mimosa to with other subtle formulas to add dimension.
Illamasqua Epic Beyond Powder

Wearing Illamasqua Epic Beyond Powder as an eyeshadow across the mobile lid, under the lash line, on the cheekbones, in the center of the nose and a bit on the upper lip.

  • For the above look, I applied Epic on the mobile lid over Bobbi Brown Taupe Eyeshadow Stick (reviewed here) before the cream stick had a chance to set.  The creamy shadow based was able to encapsulate Epic’s shimmer and pigment for the entirety of the day.
  • I also added Epic on the cheekbones, bridge of the nose and slightly above the upper lip area.
Illamasqua Epic

Illamasqua Epic Beyond Powder ingredient list.


**Illamasqua Beyond Powders come in two shades: Epic and OMG.  They are sold at,, and**


THE VERDICT:  If Makeup Could Talk what would it say?

Makeup would tell you Illamasqua Epic Beyond Powder is an epic success for some.  The delicate finish will suit those who are not fond of the in-your-face highlighting trend that seems so popular on social media.  If you are into beautiful presentation, adjustable coverage, bronzy glow, smooth texture, and gorgeous sheen then Epic is for you.  As for myself, OMG is on its merry way to my home as I type.  Do I NEED another highlighter?  No, quite frankly I need clothes more, but no one can accuse me of sensibility when it comes to makeup.   🙂   Until next time, be well, stay safe and be happy.


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  1. That is really gorgeous! And you do what I do – I like to use highlighters as eye shadow. I am sort of a highlighter junkie, too, just for being able to use them as shadows. This is a beauty – I might have to splurge on it! Thanks for the review!

    • Hello Kelly,

      Thank you for this lovely comment. I think you will love Epic, but I also have OMG and it is so lovely…review coming next week.


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