Lilah B. Beauty Bronzer, Concealer and Brush review

Lilah B. Beauty

Lilah B. Beauty Bronzer, Concealer and Brush.

As mentioned in previous posts, I have been making a conscious effort to be more selective with regards to my makeup purchases.  However, when a cosmetics brand you have been lusting after goes on sale, even the most resolute mind will not be able to resist the lure.  So when Lilah B. Beauty Bronzer ($42 USD/ 9g.), Concealer ($44 USD/ 3.3g.), and Bronzer Brush #2 ($42 USD) prices were slashed almost 60% off, you better believe I happily jumped on that opportunity.  Will this freshly mint brand live up to my expectations or will it be just another pretty face in the crowd ?  You’ll see.

Lilah B. Beauty Bronzer and Concealer Packaging:

Lilah B. Beauty packaging.

Lilah B. Beauty Bronzer, Concealer and Brush packaging.

Lilah B. Beauty Bronzer and Concealer packaging.

Lilah B. Beauty Bronzer and Concealer packaging.

Lilah B. Beauty Bronzer and Concealer packaging.

Lilah B. Beauty Concealer and Bronzer packaging–no mirror.

Lilah B. and Kjaer Weis

Lilah B. Beauty Bronzer b. sun-kissed and Kjaer Weis Radiant highlighter compact (side note: the lilah b. lettering wore off after one week).

  • If you are a beauty lover, you will have surely heard of the Lilah B. Beauty brand.  The company has become known for their minimalist, hefty, stone-like compact design.  If you are familiar with the heavy Kjaer Weis packaging (reviewed here) these compacts are very much in the same league.
  • The compacts are constructed entirely of metal and swivel open all around, to expose the product inside.  The rounded edges are smooth to the touch and do not poke the inside of a makeup bag–a feature I appreciate when it comes to compacts that are especially weighty.
  • One aspect that surprised me was the lack of a mirror component.  This omission is disappointing considering the cost of the products.  Personally, I could overlook the added heft to my makeup bag if the compact contained a mirror for daily use.
  • Unlike the Kjaer Weis line, the Lilah B. Beauty compacts are not refillable.  Try as I might, I could not find a way to depot the pans from the compact without compromising the product.

Lilah B. Beauty b. sun-kissed Bronzer:

Lilah B. b. sun-kissed.

Lilah B. Beauty Bronzer b. sun-kissed.

Lilah B. bronzer

Lilah B. Beauty Bronzer b. sun-kissed.

Lilah B. Bronzer swatch

Lilah B. Beauty Bronzer b. sun-kissed swatch.

Lilah B. Beauty Bronzer b. sun-kissed ingredient list.

Lilah B. Beauty Bronzer b. sun-kissed ingredient list.

  • According to the Lilah B. website:

    All lilah b. formulas are free of:

    • Parabens
    • Phthalates
    • Sulfates
    • Synthetic fragrances

    No animal testing

  • The b. sun-kissed Bronzer comes in only one shade.  The bronzer is split into two halves; a 40% lighter side and a 60% darker side.  I found the lighter shade to be pressed more firmly into the pan, which makes picking up product a bit more challenging.  IMHO, this side did not add much in terms of color or sheen to the overall finish and oddly enough, with minimal use a hard-pan developed on the surface.  The darker shade on the other hand, was smooth and provided most of the color payoff.  In fact, when looking at my compact, I have a significant dip on the darker side compared to the lighter side.
  • When the two colors are combined the resulting shade is a warm golden bronze, with a lovely satin finish.  The color payoff is very pale and requires build-up on light-medium to medium skins. Deeper skins will find the color intensity less than stellar.
  • In my experience, a stiffer, shorter bristled brush is the best tool for application.  As mentioned, the lighter half is pressed quite firmly into the pan, therefore soft airy synthetic or animal hair brushes will be ineffective at picking up product.  Despite all these factors, the end results are very flattering on my light olive complexion, but only when the right tool is utilized (see the brush section below). The color lasted well for a solid nine (9) hours with slight, even fading thereafter.

Lilah B. Beauty b. bright Concealer & Eye Primer:

Lilah B. Beauty b. bright

Lilah B. Beauty b. bright Concealer and Eye Primer beautifully presented in a classic box.

Lilah B. Concealer

Lilah B. Beauty b. bright Concealer and Eye Primer.

Lilah B. Beauty concealer ingredient list.

Lilah B. Beauty b. bright Virtuous Veil Concealer and Eye Primer ingredient list.

  • The Lilah B. Concealer and Eye Primer is one powerful little compact.  Out of the three (3) shades offered [b. bright (light), b. radiant (medium), b.polished (dark)], b. bright was the shade that suited my complexion best.  When placed on my green veining (next to my inner corners) the color leans more on the brighter yellow spectrum.  However, when blended out (fingers work best) the color sheers out without sacrificing any brightening qualities or coverage.
  • The texture of this concealer is absolutely silky smooth and hydrating–fantastic for maturing or dry, delicate skins.  The coverage is quite evident in the above swatch, the green veining on my arm has been completely covered without looking caky.  With that being said, it is highly advisable to use a light hand with this formula and to work in layers to build desired coverage.
  • I can also confirm this concealer holds up surprisingly well for eyeglass wearers.  Typically, I experience concealer break down under and around the nose pad area.  Lilah B. concealer lasts extremely well in that particular area when set with a powder.
  • My preferred setting powder at the moment is the W3ll People Bio Brightening Powder.  The ultra fine texture seems to meld well with the Lilah B. Concealer, to create a flawless finish.
  • As the name states, this can also be used as an eye primer and I must say, it is fantastic for that purpose.  Applying two thin layers and then setting the primer with a flesh tone eyeshadow or with the W3ll People Bio Powder locks in the cream beautifully.  The base provides just the right amount of coverage to even out my lid coloring, as well as, keeping eyeshadow in place all day without creasing or fading.

Lilah B.  Bronzer Brush #2:

Lilah B. Brush.

Lilah B. Beauty Bronzer Brush.

Wawaza Lilah B

Wawaza Yoshiwara Japanese Makeup Brush vs. Lilah B. Bronzer Brush.

  • Without mincing words, the Lilah B. Bronzer Brush #2 is not the best tool for applying the Lilah B. Bronzer.  The synthetic bristles are simply too long and the density is severely lacking for adequate product pickup. When dealing with varying angles on the face, the bristles do not splay out properly, they seem to move in unison depositing color unevenly.
  • My preferred brush for applying the Lilah B. Bronzer has been the Wawaza Yoshiwara Japanese Makeup Brush $29 USD (here).  The compact goat hair bristles are perfect for picking up firmly pressed powders.  This brush is also fantastic for contouring, blush, and highlighter application.  Unlike other Itabake style brushes on the market (cough, cough Nars), this brush is hand-made in Japan, shipped directly from Japan and does not shed–I digress.
  • For the price, the packaging of the Lilah B. Brush #2 is not a luxe as the bronzer and concealer compacts. The lightweight material used (perhaps aluminum) feels very similar to my old Sonia Kashuk travel brush, at four times the cost.  The retractable aspect is very convenient, but other than that, the rest of the brush is unremarkable and does not command a forty-two ($42) price tag.
Wearing the Lilah B. Beauty

Wearing the Lilah B. Beauty Bronzer b. sun-kissed as a bronzer and blush.  Lilah B. beauty concealer applied under the eyes and used as an eye primer.

**Lilah B. Beauty Bronzer and Concealer are made in Italy and the Bronzer Brush #2 is made in China.  All products are sold at Sephora, SpaceNK, (where I purchased mine during their 4th of July sale), Nordstrom,, Dermstore,, etc..**

THE VERDICT:  If Makeup Could Talk what would it say?

Makeup would tell you the Lilah B. Beauty brand is a nice product line that needs a bit more refinement–one shade of bronzer and three shades of concealer is simply not enough.  The packaging seems to be the star of the show, although the lettering on my bronzer compact has worn off within the first week of use (say what).  Admittedly for the price I paid for the products ($17 USD/ I know, I know–don’t be hating 🙂 ), I’m quite pleased with the outcome (with the exception of the brush).  Until next time, be well, stay safe and be happy my friends.  🙂


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