Vincent Longo Daria Velvet Riche Lip Lacquer review and photos.

Vincent Longo Daria

Liquid lipsticks are all the rage; every company has a version to contribute to this growing trend.  They come is a wide variety of finishes from matte, to satin to glossy.  My personal favorites are those that can be layered with traditional lipsticks for added dimension.  Vincent Longo Daria Velvet Riche Lip Lacquer ($24 USD/ 4.5 ml), part of The Alternative Glamour Collection, promises a sensual lip look with comfortable wear, silky smooth formula and Vitamin E to help keep lips hydrated throughout the day.  Will this full-bodied brick-red dress to impress?  You’ll see 🙂

Vincent Longo Daria

Vincent Longo Daria

The Pros to Vincent Longo Daria:

  1. Incredibly smooth–glides on lips like buttah.
  2. Non-sticky formula is extremely emollient and ridiculously lightweight.
  3. Beautiful rich brick-red suits warmer complexions.
  4. Cream finish does not contain shimmers and suitable for all ages.
  5. Uniquely shaped applicator head is designed to outline lips with utmost precision–love it.
  6. When color wears off, a pink stain is left.
  7. Glossy finish remains for a solid two hours and dries down to a satin finish thereafter.
  8. Sturdy acrylic packaging is attractive and lightweight.
  9. Available in three colors: Angela (soft dark berry), Felicity (soft peach), and Daria (dark brick).
  10. Formulated without mineral oil, parabens or fragrance.
  11. Made in Italy.

The Cons to Vincent Longo Daria:

  1. Despite the lip base used (lip liner, lip stain, or matte lipstick) this emollient formula feathers/bleeds into fine lines.
  2. Does not bind well with other lipstick formulas.
  3. Even though the formula does not specify a fragrance in the ingredients, I detect a hint of a synthetic flavor.
  4. Limited retail locations.

Vincent Longo Daria

Vincent Longo Daria

  • Upon seeing Daria (seriously exotic name) for the first time, I was absolutely thrilled by the color selection.  What can I say, brown based lipsticks are my weakness, because they suit olive, medium and dark skins beautifully.
  • When I first applied Daria, the hydrating sensation was quite pleasing–so much so, I immediately ran to my computer to take notes.  However, after an hour and a half, my blissful state was brought to a screeching halt with the discovery of feathering lip color in my fine lines.
  • As usual, I broke out my trusty arsenal of lip bases to combat the problem–my trusty Girlactik Matte Lip Paint (reviewed here) began breaking down within 40 minutes after being topped by Daria. Sephora Collection Color Lip Last in Brown is Back (reviewed here), Dose of Colors Matte Lipsticks (reviewed here) and It Cosmetics lip liners (reviewed here) also met a similar fate in the presence of Daria.
  • This formula is strictly for those who require an emollient lip product and predisposed to smooth skin around the lip area.

Comparison Lip Products:


Comparison Swatches:
Shiseido Lacquer Rouge RD 702, Vincent Longo Daria, Chanel Audace Rouge Allure Gloss

  • Shiseido Lacquer Rouge (reviewed here) has been used by IMCT for fours years.  RD702 is quite similar in color to Daria, but possess more of a pinky undertone.  Shiseido’s glossy formula is slightly thicker in consistency than Daria–it pairs well with any lip stain, liner or lipstick and the results never fail.  I currently have eight colors in my possession.
  • Vincent Longo Daria Velvet Riche Lip Lacquer feels heavenly on the lips.  I wish I had my 20 something lips back, they would have loved the feel and look of this lacquer.  However, the extremely emollient texture will feather if you are prone to fine lines around the lip area.
  • Chanel Audace Rouge Allure Gloss is obviously a mauve/brown and considered a lip gloss, but as you can tell, it is endowed with ample pigment to wear on its own.  The denser formula is unique in that it does not feather into fine lines and pairs well with other lipstick textures.
Vincent Longo Daria

Freshly applied: Vincent Longo Daria Velvet Riche Lip Lacquer (what a great color) with Vincent Longo Intergalactic Eyeshadow.


**Vincent Longo Cosmetics can be found at newly renovated Duane Reade drug stores, and**

THE VERDICT:  If Makeup Could Talk what would it say?

Makeup would tell you despite the fantastic color, shine, packaging and incredible feel, Vincent Longo Daria Velvet Riche Lip Lacquer is not the perfect lip lacquer for me.  Feathering color is not cute and is a total deal-breaker.  However, if your lips are plump and line free, then you will indeed love this lacquer and are assuredly deemed my nemesis (just kidding)  🙂  Until next time, be well, stay safe and be happy.


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  1. Christine says:

    I’m going to give it a try, thank you so much for taking the time to write this review and post this photo! I think the color would also suit me and even the negative isn’t a dealbreaker (try not to hate me for still having plump and line-free lips) 🙂

    Although I must say, I think it looks absolutely stunning on you and really didn’t notice the fine lines you were talking about (and no, not just saying that and I don’t engage in empty flattery. I’m the same person who tells her friends when they have lipstick on their teeth, or tells her husband that he needs to throw away certain clothes LOL!)

    • Hello Christine,

      Thank you for the lovely compliment.

      This is indeed a beautiful color, I really wish it performed better on my lips.

      If you buy it and love it please let me know–I would love to hear your feedback.


  2. I am pretty sure I had VL lip products in the past and completely forgot the reason why I didn’t rebuy, now I know. Yes, they feather! I think this is why he has those lip pencils which I am not fond of either. The lip products are definitely a weakness for this line even though the colors are so beautiful!

    • Hello Olivia,

      You hit the nail on the head–this was my first VL lip product and I was so disappointed. Too bad, most of the line is pretty great.


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