Bobbi Brown 4 Sunlit Bronze Long-Wear Gel Sparkle Shadow + Liner review.

Bobbi Brown 4 Sunlit Bronze

Bobbi Brown 4 Sunlit Bronze Long-Wear Gel Sparkle Shadow + Liner.

These days it seems as if every makeup company under the sun is formulating their line of multi-tasking products.  Bobbi Brown 4 Sunlit Bronze Long-Wear Gel Sparkle Shadow + Liner ($29 USD/4g) is the newest creation from the queen of neutrals.  A cream eyeshadow with 12 hour wear, multi-dimensional results, and liner all in one, was exactly the kind of product that was sure to attract my business.  Will this pot of bronzy goodness stand-up to other cream shadows flooding the market?  You’ll see 🙂

Bobbi Brown 4 Sunlit Bronze

Bobbi Brown 4 Sunlit Bronze Long-Wear Gel Sparkle Shadow + Liner.

According to

Shadow and liner get together to deliver definition and drama — a multidimensional eye with rich color and buildable sparkle. Smudge, smoke, line or define for long-wearing, standout eyes in five eye-catching shades: Night Sky, Thunderstorm, Sunlit Bronze, Smokey Topaz and Midnight Forest.  If you want a bold multidimensional eye look that won’t budge, look no further.

The Pros to Bobbi Brown 4 Sunlit Bronze Long-Wear Gel Sparkle Shadow + Liner.

  1. Gorgeous sheer brown color infused with copper and gold shimmers.
  2. Fantastic blackened glass container.
  3. Despite the abundance of sparkles, the formula does not feel gritty to the touch.
  4. Very sheer texture for those who prefer a minimal eye look.
  5. Some may be able to use this as a topper shade.
  6. Formulated without mineral oil and parabens.
  7. Made in Belgium.

The Cons to Bobbi Brown 4 Sunlit Bronze Long-Wear Gel Sparkle Shadow + Liner.

  1. The brown sheer base color coupled with the high sparkle content yields uneven and muddy looking results.
  2. Multiple layers are required to achieve opacity.
  3. Felt heavy on the lids after the third layer.
  4. Sparkles do not adhere well to the skin; sparkles easily migrate and fallout is inevitable.
  5. Does not mix well with other cream shadows.
  6. Small opening is a bit of a hinderance for finger application.
  7. Too sheer to be used as an eyeliner.
Bobbi Brown 4 Sunlit Bronze

Bobbi Brown 4 Sunlit Bronze Long-Wear Gel Sparkle Shadow + Liner.

Bobbi Brown 4 Sunlit Bronze swatches

Bobbi Brown 4 Sunlit Bronze Long-Wear Gel Sparkle Shadow + Liner with primer and without primer (no flash).

As you can tell by the photos above, Sunlit Bronze is not the “bold” color I was anticipating.  The color did improve slightly over a primer, however not even my beloved Nars Eyeshadow Primer could keep these sparkles in their proper place.

Bobbi Brown 4 Sunlit Bronze

Waering Bobbi Brown 4 Sunlit Bronze Long-Wear Gel Sparkle Shadow + Liner.

The above photo shows Sunlit Bronze after the application of three layers.  In all fairness, I prefer my cream shadows to be pigmented with minimal layers required.  This current Bobbi Brown offering looked muddy and created ridges on my lids were none existed beforehand.  The overall effect appeared patchy and felt uncomfortable.

Bobbi Brown 4 Sunlit Bronze

Bobbi Brown 4 Sunlit Bronze, MAC Rich Ground Fluid Line, and Givenchy 9 Brun Cachemire.

  • All swatches were applied with my Meme Angled Eyeliner Brush.
  • Bobbi Brown 4 Sunlit Bronze’s (two passes) sheer base combined with the abundance of sparkles yielded uneven results.  Classifying this product as an eyeliner is a rather colossal stretch on the company’s part.
  • MAC Rich Ground Fluid Line (one pass) is a gorgeous pigmented copper brown.  The smoother than silk formula is long-lasting and can be used as an eyeliner, eyeshadow base, and stand alone eyeshadow.
  • Givenchy 9 Brun Cachemire (one pass) is a dark warm espresso brown with golden shimmers lightly scattered throughout the color.  This smooth, long-lasting cream shadow can also be used as an eyeliner, eyeshadow base and eyeshadow.  Best of all, these shimmers are refined and contained.
Bobbi Brown 4 Sunlit Bronze

Bobbi Brown 4 Sunlit Bronze fallout after being lightly brushed with a tissue.

The above photo demonstrates how easily the sparkles were disturbed with the mere passing of a tissue. Some may be able to use Sunlit Bronze as a topper shade, however, do be aware these sparkles will eventually migrate throughout the day.  As you can imagine, the only logical place for these sparkles to settle would be on the face.  Personally, sparkles on my face is an absolute deal breaker.

Bobbi Brown 4 Sunlit Bronze

Bobbi Brown 4 Sunlit Bronze Long-Wear Gel Sparkle Shadow + Liner ingredient list.

Bobbi Brown Cosmetics can be found at Nordstrom, Macy’s, Sephora, and

THE VERDICT:  If makeup could talk what would it say?

Makeup would tell you the obvious, Bobbi Brown 4 Sunlit Bronze Long-Wear Gel Sparkle Shadow + Liner does not fit the quality I have come to expect from the Bobbi Brown brand.  This gel/shadow hybrid is not the most balanced formula to have been created.  Considering how much I adore BB’s other gel liners and shadows, the patchy results and sparkle fallout were an unexpected surprise.  If you seek a sophisticated sparkle shadow, there are plenty of other quality choices on the market.  My personal favorites are Giorgio Armani Eye and Brow Maestro colors; now that brand knows how to get it done 🙂   Until next time, be well, stay safe and be happy.


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  1. I have the shade Night Sky and I agree with everything you said about these shadows. I thought I was doing something wrong or maybe I got a bad batch, but I guess this is the way they are made. I noticed some serious fallout mid-day, and was desperately trying to get the sparkles off my face. I would not suggest these for an office environment.

    • Hello Tamara,

      I’m so sorry you had to deal with fallout, especially at work. Whenever, that would happen to me, I found using a small piece of tape would effectively pick-up the sparkles off my face, without disturbing the rest of my makeup. I agree, these shadows should be reserved strictly for weekend use.


  2. Pretty! I have Smokey Topaz, but this shade looks really lovely as well.

    • Hello Melissa,

      This shade is very pretty in the pot, sadly not on the lids (at least on my lids). Smokey Topaz looks lovely, but I don’t think I will be buying another shade from this collection.


  3. Aw, what a pity! Hm, not sure I’ll be trying their gel shadows then.. it should blend well..and sparkles should remain for a long period if you pay a high(er) price, IMO. Good to know though 🙂 so thanks for the review! I do love the sparkle eyeshadows.. minus the obvious fall-out it does stay on your lids properly throughout the day (with primer underneath). xx

    • Hello Natasja,

      I was quite disappointed with this product. I use BB’s gel liners as eyeshadows and have better luck with those products. Even her regular “powder” sparkle shadows, that you reviewed, are better than these. Regardless if a primer was used, the base is too sheer to properly hold on to the abundance of sparkles in this formula.


  4. I am a bit shocked at the result of this BB product. Usually the line has excellent gel/cream products but I can see the unevenness in application and the fallout of the glitter which would bug me so much! Also with the color which looks gorgeous in the container is disappointing on the skin, a bit too sheer.

    Maybe, it would be better in the summer? The skin is a bit warmer and sheer colors look better.

    • Hello Olivia,

      I was shocked as well. When I swatched this color in the store, I was ecstatic to finally have found a copper sparkle cream shadow. This is one of those products that looks spectacular in the container, but performs poorly on the skin. I really enjoy BB products, I’m a bit shocked this formula was given the seal of approval.

      Personally, even in the summer, the sparkle fallout would annoy me to no end. I see an exchange on the horizon 🙂


  5. Hey Maria, ouchy ouch ouch, I’m so sorry to hear this really didn’t work out well for you! I have a shade (Storm). While I’m not crazy about the fallout and having to layer, Storm does work as an eyeliner and doesn’t feel weird on the skin. I like how it really stays put, but personally I wouldn’t purchase another shade from this line.

    • Hello Sunny,

      I’m with you. I do not like to add too many layers of cream products on my lids. Since, Storm seems darker than Sunlit Bronze, I can see it working a bit better as a liner, but in all honesty, they really are too sheer to work as liners. I’m shocked the company would claim these would work as liners, considering they are renowned for their fantastic gel liners.


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