Bobbi Brown Sand Dune Long-Wear Cream Shadow Stick review and photos.

Bobbi Brown Sand Dune

As stated many times over on this blog, I absolutely love eye shadow sticks.  The creaminess, convenient application, opaque coloring, phenomenal longevity and versatility are all-encompassing with regards to this type of eyeshadow formula.  Bobbi Brown Sand Dune Long-Wear Cream Shadow Stick ($29 USD/1.6g) is the latest brand to fall prey to my obsession.  This may very well be one of the few products I will declare a must-have.  I hope you enjoy!

Bobbi Brown Sand Dune

Bobbi Brown Sand Dune

Bobbi Brown Sand Dune swatch

The Pros to Bobbi Brown Sand Dune Long-Wear Cream Shadow Stick:

  1. Incredibly creamy consistency.
  2. Soft beige tan color –IMHO, very reminiscent (not an exact dupe) of MAC Groundwork paint pot.
  3. Matte finish is not too flat, which is ideal for everyone, but especially on more mature lids.
  4. Fantastic as a stand alone color or a base for powder eyeshadows.
  5. Excellent no-fuss shadow for busy mornings.
  6. Sets within a minute–plenty of time to blend out edges and devise a shape.
  7. Can be applied directly from the stick and blended with fingers or brushes.
  8. Lasts 10 hours + without any fading or creasing when applied over my NYX primer.
  9. Medium and darker skins can use Sand Dune as a lower waterline color and/or MLBB shade.
  10. Quite flattering on ALL eye colors–however, blue and green eyes will certainly pop against this shade.
  11. Packaging is perfect for travel and touchups (on the waterline) throughout the day.
  12. Formulated without parabens, mineral oil or fragrance.
  13. Made in Italy.

The Cons to Bobbi Brown Sand Dune Long-Wear Cream Shadow:

  1. Quite expensive–however, all higher-end shadow sticks fall into the price range of $25-$43.
  2. Creamy texture is not ideal as a lower waterline color option for contact lens wears.
  3. Fading on the outer an inner corners of the waterline occur after 3 hours.  The center area of the eye remains intact for a good part of the day.
  4. As with all of my shade sticks, the stick itself dislodges from the base if too much pressure is used during application.  I just hold and gently press the stick back onto the base–a bit annoying, but par of the course when dealing this type of cream eyeshadow design.

Bobbi Brown Sand Dune

  • Without any exaggeration, Sand Dune has been used everyday since its acquisition three weeks ago.  As you can tell from the above photo, my stick is chiseled down a quarter of the way–a solid indication a back-up is needed ASAP.
  • I literally take this guy everywhere with me.  When I know I will be out for a respectable portion of the day, Sand Dune makes the ideal purse friendly travel companion.  A quick swipe on the waterline, instantly revitalizes my eyes in the most subtle fashion.
  • Other brands (Laura Mercier, Marc Jacobs, Nars, Trish McEvoy) have shimmer and glittery shade sticks in their lineup–leave it to Bobbi Brown to provide neutral matte options in her collection–GENIUS if you ask me.
Bobbi Brown Baby Peach Sparkle Eye Shadow.

Bobbi Brown Sand Dune Long-Wear Cream Shadow Stick worn on the lower waterline and as a base on the mobile lid under Bobbi Brown Baby Peach Sparkle Eyeshadow.

Bobbi Brown Sand Dune

Wearing Bobbi Brown Sand Dune Long-Wear Cream Shadow Stick on the lower waterline and as a base on the mobile lids topped with Anastasia Beverly Hills Hard Candy and Mimosa.

Bobbi Brown Sand Dune

Wearing Bobbi Brown Sand Dune Long-Wear Cream Shadow Stick worn plainly on the mobile lid and lower waterline.

Bobbi Brown Sand Dune ingredients

Bobbi Brown Sand Dune Long-Wear Cream Shadow Stick ingredient list.

**Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Cream Shadow Sticks can be purchased at Sephora, NordstromMacy’s, Lord & Taylor, Saks,, etc..**

THE VERDICT:  If Makeup Could Talk what would it say?

Makeup would tell you Bobbi Brown Sand Dune Long-Wear Cream Shadow Stick is HG material. The warm matte tan coloring is just so darn flattering against my complexion, I cannot fathom being without it in my life.  Quite a dramatic statement indeed, but when I love something it is true and deep.  🙂  The next set of colors on the way are Taupe and Goldstone–hey, what better way to completely consume my holiday gift cards?  Until next time, be well, stay safe and be happy.


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  1. Dear Maria, you have done it again. I was looking for this colour for years and thanks to you I have found it. Thanks for great blog and wonderful selection of products.
    Cheers Beata

  2. This looks like an excellent neutral and MATTE color. The ultimate everyday go with everything color. I would want it in bigger stick form because I know if I were using it, it would definitely become a finished item!

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