Daliia Runway Fashion Fuchsia Lip Stain
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Lips: Daliia Runaway Fashion Fusion Lip Stain Nails: POP Beauty Violetta.

Lips: Daliia Runway Fashion Fuchsia Lip Stain
Nails: POP Beauty Violetta.

Setting my predatory instincts into high gear, I set out on a mission: find a magenta lip color that was not too clownish and could last for a good part of the day.  My inner makeup compass directed me to all the usual suspects, Sephora, Macy’s, Ulta, Bloomingdales, Bergdorf, etc…I took countless swatches and the results were fruitless.  At a certain point the heat and the nasty looks from the sales women at the counters, lead me into Whole Foods to seek some organic relief.  While I was in the beauty section (yes they have one) I came across the dispaly for Daliia Runway Fashion Fuchsia lip stain pen ($32 US/6 g). With the speed of a cheetah, I swatched, I oohed, and I purchased.  Would this serendipitous encounter be the end of the hunt?


L-R:  Both photos show Runway Fashion Fuchsia freshly applied on it’s own at 9:00 am.

The Color/Formula:

Daliia Lip Stains are made from “100% pure plant extracts/oils”, they come in 11 different colors and claim to last on the lips 5-8 hours.  If you are looking for all natural lip and eye products, Daliia cosmetics is your destination.  Runway Fashion Fuchsia (RFF) is a magenta/fuchsia color, a 99% match to my POP Beauty Violetta polish (reviewed here).  This color is so flattering and brightening, but still maintains a level of sophistication.  The formula is not sticky or heavy feeling, on the contrary, it is light weight and smooth. Runway Fashion Fuchsia glides on the lips beautifully and layers surprisingly well.


L-R:  Both photos show Daliia Runway Fashion Fuchsia with Shiseido RD302 (added to provide shine) at 10:00 am.

The Pros:

Clearly the color is the first astonishing feature.  The secret to achieving deep color saturation correlates to the amount of layers one is willing to apply.  You must wait 1-2 minutes in between each layer if you want deep long-lasting color.  Personally, I found four layers gave me my desired intensity.  The dense felt tip applicator was well saturated and did not loose intensity when it was held in an upward position on the lips. The wear time of Daliia Runway Fashion Fuchsia lip stain pen was impressive, after the five-hour mark the color started to fade very gradually.  The hand swatches for RFF did not come off for two days, however on the lips, saliva was a major factor in breaking down some of the color.

Runway Fashion Fuchsia did not dry out my lips (winter time maybe different) and the sweet floral fragrance dissipated almost instantly.  RFF has a matte finish,  I prefer some glossiness on my pucker.   I found Shiseido RD302 Rouge Lacquer to work beautifully with RFF.  Daliia’s lip stain pen comes with two heads, one pointer end for outlining your lips (similar to a lipliner) and a more rounded end for filling in the lips. Personally, I found the rounder end more than capable of lining and filling in the lips.

Daliia Runaway Fashion Fuchsia at 3:00 pm after lunch.

Daliia Runway Fashion Fuchsia at 3:00 pm after lunch.

RFF applies just as smoothly on a clean existing layer, without any clumping, stickiness or unevenness. Make sure to wipe off any residual layer of gloss/lipstick before reapplying another layer of Daliia lip stain.

The Cons:

By nature, lip stains do absorb and cling to any dry patches of skin around your lips, Daliia Runway Fashion Fuchsia lip stain is no different; exfoliation is a must prior to application.  One must apply this stain with a light touch, the felt tip applicator was a bit rough in texture.  Certain glosses which contain petrolatum/natural oils and oily foods will break down the stain and cause it to fade or bleed out into your fine lines.  For the price, Daliia should consider packaging the stain in a biodegradable box rather than the plastic shrink-wrap that encompassed the pen.  The name of the particular shade is not imprinted on the pen, once your wrapper is removed the name is gone as well.  The price is expensive (on par with high-end lipsticks that contain less product 3-4 gm.), but the lasting power, color and all natural ingredients play a heavy part in the inflated price.  However, if a product works it is worth the price!

Daliia Runaway Fashion Fuchsia Lip Stain Pen.

Daliia Runway Fashion Fuchsia Lip Stain Pen.

*Another key factor to keep in mind, the initial application of this lip stain must be on clean, dry lips.  If any moisturizing lip balm gets on the pen tip, it will compromise the flow of the stain and hinder application.  If that should happen, the company suggest to clean the tip with alcohol to remove any excess lip balm/gloss/lipstick.

Daliia RFF at 5:00 pm with Shiseido RD302 Rouge Lacquer.

Daliia RFF at 5:00 pm with Shiseido RD302 Rouge Lacquer.

Daliia Natural Cosmetics are sold in Whole Foods, Amazon.com, and Daliia.com.

THE VERDICT:  If makeup could talk what would it say?

Makeup would tell you Daliia Runway Fashion Fuchsia is a natural, bright, long wearing lip stain that suits my magneta needs perfectly♥  However, be truthful with yourself and admit whether you are willing to put the effort into exfoliation and layering before purchasing this product.  If your routine deems a long-lasting lip product necessary, then Daliia’s RFF lip stain pen is a great investment.  Additionally, if your wardrobe is as dismal as mine, a little pop of color in your cosmetics would change your entire look.  My kids also love this lip stain solely because my lip color will not transfer on their cheeks when I kiss them 🙂  The makeup beast within has been quelled, just enough time to regain my strength for the next adventure.  Be well and stay safe.


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