Makeup of the Week: Thirteenth Edition.

Makeup of the Week:  Thirteenth Edition.

Makeup of the Week: Thirteenth Edition.

Makeup of the Week:  Thirteenth Edition

Makeup of the Week: Thirteenth Edition

Face Makeup of the Week:

  1. Koh Gen Do Makeup Color Base in Yellow (reviewed here).
  2. Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation in 3N1 Ivory Beige (here).
  3. Estee Lauder Maximum Cover Foundation Creamy Vanilla used as a concealer (use the tiniest dot for both eyes..very concentrated).
  4. MAC Prep+Prime Highlighter in Rose Radiance (reviewed here).
  5. Nars Light Reflecting Pressed Setting Powder under the eyes and T-zone (reviewed here).
  6. Giorgio Armani Sheer Blush in 10 Beige (reviewed here).
  7. Laura Mercier Ritual Bronzer (reviewed here).
  8. RMS Living Luminizer (reviewed here).
Makeup of the Week:  Thirteenth Edition.

Makeup of the Week: Thirteenth Edition.

Makeup of the Week:  Thirteenth Edition.

Makeup of the Week: Thirteenth Edition.

Eye Makeup of the Week:

  1. Nars Smudge Proof eyeshadow base (reviewed here). ♥
  2. MAC Little Black Bow Fluidline used as an eyeshadow (discontinued, but can be found at the CCO or Ebay).
  3. MAC Chilled Fluidline used as an inner corner highlight (reviewed here).
  4. Clarins Auburn mineral eyeshadow used in the crease (purchase here).
  5. Tom Ford Eye Defining Pen (reviewed here).
  6. Laura Mercier Ritual Bronzer mixed with Cargo Waterproof bronzer on the lower lash line.
  7. MAC Rich Ground Fluidline used on the lower waterline (purchase here).
  8. Inglot #90 gel liner used to line the upper waterline (purchase here).
  9. Maybelline Volum’Express One by One mascara (purchase here).
  10. Shu Uemura brow pencil in 02 Seal Brown (reviewed here).
Makeup of the Week:  Thirteenth Edition.

Makeup of the Week: Lip Combo.

Lip Combination of the Week:

  1. MAC Pro Longwear Lip liner in Nice n Spicy (purchase here).
  2. Shiseido RD203 (reviewed here) ♥  My perfect nude lip combo for olive skin tones.
Makeup Brushes of the Week.

Makeup Brushes of the Week (freshly washed).

Makeup Brushes of the Week:

  1. Tom Ford Bronzer Brush (reviewed here).
  2. Tom Ford Cheek Brush (reviewed here).
  3. Wayne Goss Brush 02 (reviewed here).
  4. Wayne Goss Brush 01 (reviewed here).
  5. Billy B Brushes (reviewed here).
Makeup of the Week:  Thirteenth Edition in natural light.

Makeup of the Week: Thirteenth Edition in natural light.

THE VERDICT:  If makeup could talk what would it say?

Makeup would tell you I have worn this look several times over the past two weeks, since the purchase of MAC Little Black Bow Fluidline from the CCO.  This gray base color with multi-color shimmers should be applied as patiently as MAC Deliciously Rich and It’s Physical Fluidlines.  When paired with Nars Eyeshadow Primer, the color and sparkles of Little Black Bow remain well-behaved and do not migrate.  The sheer blush and light lip color complement this eye look perfectly.  I hope you found this helpful.  Up next, L’Oreal Extraodinaire Gel-Laque review.  Be well and stay safe.

-Maria is not affiliated with any brands mentioned, all products were purchased by me.  *Compensation is not given for any reviews.  *Click on each photo to enlarge. *Click on the rose highlighted words to take you to a direct link to each product.  *All opinions are my own and based on my experiences. *All photos are property of unless otherwise noted. 


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  1. What a beautiful eye look. I have this fluidline from last year and thought it unwearable. Now I’m going to try and recreate your look. Thanks for outlining all your products.

    • Hello Samantha,
      I’m so glad you liked the look. I love these shimmering gel liners that are unwearable as liners, but work spectacularly as eyeshadows. Remember to pat the liner on, and let the first layer dry completely before adding additional layers. Thank you for your support and comment.

  2. Hello San,
    What a great idea, unfortunately, the people in my life that fall in that age range are not interested in makeup (isn’t that always the case). However, you never know who may volunteer in the future. Makeup tips, from any source, can always be altered to fit your personal situation. Thank you for sharing your tips and commenting.

  3. You have a nice website.
    Once in a while you should do a make up routine on someone 5565/75 + and over. Your Mom? Aunt? Friend? There are so many of us out here in the world who like the make up advice but we can’t wear the same amount of make up as someone in their 20s, 30s or 40s.
    For instance I love foundation but it’s harder and harder to find a suitable one. Eye lash curlers are a must have!!! Eye liner is put on in lash line, between lashes. Make up tip I learned from a local make up artist who has his own shop. Michael Moore in Denver Colorado.
    Just an idea to widen your appeal. Lots and lots of Baby Boomers out here who need and/or want make up tips too!
    Your website and content is wonderful though!

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