Tom Ford Cheek Brush review and photos.

Tom Ford Cheek Brush (aka blush brush).

Tom Ford Cheek Brush (aka blush brush).

Tom Ford does many things well, his talent is evident in the details.  The mix of masculine and feminine undertones is present in all of his creations.  Granted, I’m not a fan of the price of his lipsticks (they’re good, not $48 good), but there is no denying the sheer genius behind his brush collection.  The Tom Ford Cheek Brush($78 US) is a welcomed addition to my little Tom Ford Brush Armada.

The Pros:

I am a great believer in spending money on items that perform the best and/or last a lifetime.  My motto is simple: If I cannot purchase something at the present moment, I will conserve until I am able to acquire the object of my affection, I will not settle.  Tom Ford Cheek brush is one of the best blush brushes I have come across. This stunner is soft, dense, and effortlessly applies even the most inferior powders beautifully.  My Tom Ford Cheek Brush transformed my Sunday Reily blush in Blushing from subpar to amazing!

L-R Comparison: Tom Ford Cheek/Blush brush and Tom Ford Bronzer brush.

L-R Comparison: Tom Ford Cheek Brush and Tom Ford Bronzer brush.

On occasion, I have used the Cheek Brush for my bronzer application.  Seeing as how the head is smaller on the Cheek brush, it is able to get right into the hollows of the cheeks more accurately than the Tom Ford Bronzer Brush.  The resulting bronze hue melds beautifully into the skin.  I suspect, the type of hair used (goat presumably), the cut, shape, size and density contributes to its outstanding performance.  Dare I say, if you hesitate to purchase the Tom Ford Bronzer brush, go for the Cheek Brush instead. Comparatively, the Bobbi Brown Bronzer Brush is very good, but not as densely packed as the TF brushes.  Shedding and smell were issues with the Bobbi Brown bronzer brush before I used my Peg board (shown here), however it is good for giving an overall bronze look.

Tom Ford Cheek Brush vs. Bobbi Brown Bronzer Brush.

Tom Ford Bronzer Brush, Tom Ford Cheek Brush vs. Bobbi Brown Bronzer Brush.

The TF Brush handle was designed with the highest image of elegance in mind.  The perfectly weighed handle is lacquered brown with a sight metallic sheen, the words Tom Ford are engraved on one side and the number 06 on the other.  The writing on all Tom Ford brushes will not fade, rub off or need clear nail polish to preserve the lettering (looking at you MAC).  Unlike the bronzer brush, the Cheek Brush had minimal shedding.  Tom Ford brushes are engraved with Japan on each brush, an indiction of their origin.

The Cons:

The prices on all of his face brushes have succumbed to a price increase.  I purchased my lovely for $75 US  four months ago and presently it is sold for $78 US.   Tom Ford Bronzer brush has jumped from $110 to $115.  I suppose the increase falls in line with all the luxury houses in the beauty industry.  Most high-end beauty houses will inflate their items by increments of a dollar a year.  Tommy has to do it more profoundly than everyone else.  Bad Boy!


First photo:  Tom Ford Cheek brush vs. RMK Cheek Brush

Second photo: RMK Cheek Brush, Tom Ford Cheek Brush, Tom Ford Bronzer Brush

The RMK Cheek Brush hairs are ridiculously soft, long, floppy, and loosely packed.  This brush is reserved for very pigmented products.


Refer to my Tom Ford Bronzer Brush review here.

Tom Ford Beauty is sold in person at  Saks Fifth Avenue, Bergdorf Goodman, select Neiman Marcus locations, and online at,, and

THE VERDICT:  If makeup could talk what would it say?

Makeup would tell you Tom Ford Cheek Brush is an investment that you will not regret and use on a regular basis.  Do you absolutely need this item in your life?  There are many things we do not need, but simply find pleasure in possessing.  It is not for me or anyone else to say how someone should or should not spend their money.  That is between you and your accountant 🙂 However, if your finances weigh in your favor and you want to treat yourself to a luxury “makeup item”, go for the multi-tasking Tom Ford Cheek Brush.  Why should you?  May I suggest the L’Oreal slogan,

Because you’re worth it

Yes, I am….Thank you very much.  Be well and stay safe.


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