Tom Ford Bronzer Brush review, photos and care.

Tom Ford Bronzer Brush in all of its glory.

Tom Ford Bronzer Brush in all of it’s glory.

Some believe buying the best cosmetics to will yield a flawless look, I consider that outlook as being partially true.  The best cosmetics cannot perform to their utmost potential without the aid of quality tools.  Tom Ford Bronzer Brush ($110 US) is one of those tools, once used, will leave you breathless.

The Pros:

Tom Ford Bronzer Brush is incredibly soft, dense and made of “natural origin”, presumably goat hair.  The sales associates at Saks were unable to deny or confirm this speculation on my part.  The bristles are white, long, soft and have a desirable flexibility, to pick up just the right amount of product.  The density of the hairs allows pigmented powders to be blended out in a smooth and even manner.  This brush can be used for a variety of powders of your choosing.  TF brushes are made in Japan by Hakuhodo (they also make MAC brushes).  Tom Ford Bronzer Brush is of higher quality than any MAC brush, it is not scratchy or prickly on the skin no matter how frequently it is washed.  There is no offensive animal oder to the brush before or after washing.  The white hairs will not become permanently stained, even when pigmented powders are used.  A good washing restores the bristles back to their pristine white brilliance.

The ferrule is rumored to be 24K gold-plated, another fun “fact” the sale associates could not confirm.  The thickness and weight of the handle make holding the brush an absolute pleasure.

The Cons:

Let us start with the obvious….the price.  My mother was with me when I utilized a gift card for the purchase of this brush.  I could have sworn her knees buckled when she heard the price.  Oh well, the heart wants what it wants.  Some may find the brush head a little too big for their liking.  If that is the case, Tom Ford offers a cheek brush which is smaller in size and can pull off bronzer application just as well.  A point of contention with my TF bronzer brush, is it did not have Japan engraved on the handle.  My other Tom Ford brushes all have Japan engraved on them.  The sale associate offered to exchange my brush, but I found that minor flaw a bit too extreme…even for me.

Cleaning and Care:

Tom Ford Bronzer Brush is a luxury item, for sure.  A brush this expensive deserves TLC, this will ensure your investment will last a life time.  I did experience shedding with this brush for a few weeks.  I have since rectified that situation by using a nubby textured washing board to clean my brush.  Gently rubbing the brush in a circular motion on the nubs, removes any loose hair that would have otherwise been deposited on my face during makeup application.  Additionally, this method ensures a thorough cleansing of your brush.  Clever?  I thought so.

Cleaning Tom Ford Bronzer Brush.

Cleaning Tom Ford Bronzer Brush.

Tom Ford Bronzer Brush after shampoo and conditioner.

Tom Ford Bronzer Brush after shampoo and conditioner.

Wrapping the brush in folded toilet paper to retain brush shape.

Wrapping the brush in folded toilet paper to retain brush shape.

Tom Ford Bronzer Brush wrapped in toilet  paper and set to dry overnight.

Tom Ford Bronzer Brush wrapped in toilet paper and set to dry overnight.

This board belonged to my son’s Perler beads kit pegboard set from eight years ago.  It is a fabulous “tool” for cleaning all of my makeup brushes.  The shampoo and conditioner of your choosing should be sulfate, paraben, phthalate and silicone free.  I use Neutrogena natural facial cleanser followed by Dessert Essence conditioner (very small amount).  Take great care, to slightly tilt the brush head forward, to ensure any residual moisture does not run down and loosen the glue in the ferrule.

Tom Ford Brushes are sold at Saks Fifth Avenue, Bergdorf, and Neiman Marcus.

THE VERDICT:  If makeup could talk what would it say?

Makeup would tell you, to calculate your finances carefully to make way for the purchase of Tom Ford Bronzer Brush.  This brush is not a complete necessity, but it is a luxury I have become accustomed to having on a daily basis.  Instead of reserving your budget for Tom Ford lipsticks, gather your pennies and save up for his brushes.

If price deters you, calm you conscience by calculating the total price ÷ by your life expectancy = price per year.  For example $110 ÷ 150 years (my life expectancy) = .73¢ per year.  See…totally doable and JUSTIFIED!!!!  Will you be getting any TF brushes?  Say yes…..come on over to the dark side.  Be well and stay safe.


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