NOTW: Chanel Malice #637 Le Vernis Nail Color.


Chanel Malice in full sun.


Chanel Malice with flash.

What is the first feature you focus on when meeting a new person.  Is it the hair, face, eyes, shoulders, pecs…think?    My personal priorities are teeth and hands.  Both have to be clean and manicured.  After I get pass those two focal points I then move on to other anatomical parts….Oh Behave!!!!   I digress.  It is time to focus on NOTW.  Every Monday I will feature the color de la semaine (ok i’ll translate:  of the week).  I can be fancy!!  Oui?

The Formula/Pros:

This week’s selection is Chanel Malice #637 Le Vernis Nail Color.  Unlike the meaning of its name, Malice is not demonic, vengeful, or bitter; IT’S FIERCE!!!  Malice is a burgundy red color with some gold and bronze pearl/shimmers melded together with an ever so slight, purple undertone.  This beautiful color is not one of those dark polishes that will look black in certain lighting.  On the contrary, it is a noticeably dark red polish with an undeniable red luminance.  Chanel is famous for putting out colors that look spectacular in the bottle, but sub pare on the nail.   Chanel Malice is one of those colors that hits all the right notes.  The polish has a nice consistency and is opaque perfection in two coats.  Malice lasts nicely on the nails for a solid four days before any noticeable chipping (with base and top coat).

The Cons:

This little chestnut will set you back $27 US/.4 fl oz.  Do I think it is worth it?   Does a shoe store sell shoes?  Oh yes.  Malice was a limited edition color Chanel offered back in November.   Currently, it is not  available on, however, I have seen it sold at my local Macy’s and Bloomingdale’s’ locations.  Check your local counters for availability.


“What Am I to do if I cannot get my grubby paws on this stunner?”  you ask.   Would M leave you hangin’?   No silly goose.  Deborah Lippmann has a color called Bitches Brew ($17 US/.5 fl oz)) which I would consider to be a 95% color duplicate for Malice.  BB is not endowed with the same depth and glow as Chanel Malice and it does tend to stain the nails when removed, but BB is also $10 dollars cheaper and readily accessible.

Deborah Lippmann polishes are sold in Nordstrom, on,, Lord & Taylor, etc.  Chanel is sold in Macy’s, Bloomingdale, L&T, Nordstrom, Neiman M, Sakes, Bergdorf, etc..

THE VERDICT:  If makeup could talk what would it say? 

It would tell you, don’t buy two similar colors, much the same as the crazy woman who writes this blog.  Despite BB minimal short comings, it really is a lovely color worth your attention.  However, if you can get a hold of Chanel Malice, snatch it up.  Makeup also says, “If these two lovelies insist on begin called such dastardly names, throw on some Malice and strut around town conjuring up all sorts of Bitches Brew.”  You are FIERCE girlfriend!! (accompanied by two snaps)….. Be well and stay safe!


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  1. These colors are amazing!! I have a wedding to attend next month and the Chanel Malice color matches my dress perfectly! Thanks so much for posting this info. I will be on my way to Macy’s in NY tomorrow ! Please keep posting new info…

    • ifmakeupcouldtalk says:

      Please let me know if you find it..I know you will love it..If your search is fruitless, has Bitches Brew for $16…Good luck girly. If your dress is the same color as Malice…oh boy watch out! All eyes will be on you!

  2. Bonne chance, M! C’est un site merveilleux! Je sens votre amour de la beauté à travers chaque mot que vous écrivez, et j’apprends beaucoup!

    • ifmakeupcouldtalk says:

      Merci beaucoup pour le beau commentaire JP. J’espère sincèrement que mon commentaire est utile et humoristique en même temps. Merci pour votre soutien!!

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