NOTW: Rococo Deadly Nightshade Luxe.


Rococo Deadly Nightshade Luxe in full sun!

Rococo Nail Apparel Deadly Nightshade Luxe:

This week I have reverted back to my dark, dismal, and daring self…alla True Blood style!!  The nail della settimana (Italiano miei amici) is from Rococo Nail Apparel in Deadly Nightshade Luxe.  The company is owned and operated by the London-based sister duo of Ange and Vernice Walker.  Rococo’s polishes are $16.50 US/.5 fl oz.  This is the standard size for nail polish, unlike Estee Lauder which is $20 US/.3 fl oz., Dior $24 US/.33 fl oz., and Chanel $27 US/.4 fl oz. (some colors are worth it, but overall….criminal!!).

The Formula:

Deadly Nightshade Luxe (DNL) has a luminous sheen; it is comprised of a dark blue/purple base mixed with a sapphire pearl.  Gorgeous!!  The consistency of this polish is not too thick or thin.  It applies fluidly and reaches exquisite opacity in two coats!  Wear time varies, depending on one’s daily activities.  For me, DNL lasts 4 days before any noticeable chipping.


L-R: Dior’s brush vs. Rococo’s brush

The Pros:

What I love most about this polish brand is the brush!!  Since nail beds vary in width, nail companies are always trying come up with the ideal brush size to accommodate everyone’s needs.  Dior recently redesigned their nail polish brush heads by widened the brush head and cutting/tapering the tip to fit around the nail cuticle more precisely.  This may work if someone else is applying the polish, but if you are accustomed to doing your own nails it can be quite awkward!  Rococo’s brush splays out beautifully when the polish is being applied; the classic three stroke method can be easily utilized on most widths!  People with narrow/short nail beds can get away with using only one stroke.  Rococo’s brush is uniformly wider from base to tip and feels more comfortable in the hand without an edgy shaped tip.  OPI’s brush head is longer than Rococo’s brush, which may hinder control.


Brush comparison: OPI, Chanel, Dior, Rococo, Deborah Lippmann

All of Rococo’s polishes come housed in their own mini sarcophagus-like boxes; very nice touch.  Rococo is sold at Space NK  check your locations for availability to buy this shade separately (I did),, and


The Makeup Gods agree. This is a well made polish!

THE VERDICT:  If makeup could talk what would it say?  

Makeup would strongly suggest you take a look at these beautifully formulated polishes.  Rococo nail polishes are a better value than the standard high-end polishes.  Their formula, selection (44 shades) and overall design will not disappoint!  Will Deadly Nightshade Luxe catapult me into True Blood’s Bon Temps, Louisiana to battle the forces of evil with Sookie?  Nah..I rather ruffle some feathers with Eric and look Bad A** in the process.  Oh wait…that’s not my life…..I’ll look BA while taking the kids to soccer practice!   Be well and stay safe..

FYI:  True Blood season 6 starts June 16th..




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