POP Beauty Purple Plum Nail Polish review and photos.

POP Beauty Purple Plum.

POP Beauty Purple Plum Nail Glam.

While in the city, I needed some band-aids for my little one and decided to pop (pun intended) into Duane Reade Pharmacy.  As soon as I entered I was absolutely amazed at the cleanliness, level of organization, and the vast selection of brands in the beauty section.  The newly revamped Duane Reade locations are New York City’s equivalent to suburbia’s Ulta, in some cases even better.  To my shock the location on 52nd and 3rd Avenue had the entire POP Beauty line.  From past experience with Violetta polish (reviewed here), I knew the wear of these polishes was outstanding.  Without any hesitation, I selected POP Beauty Purple Plum Nail Glam Polish ($10 US .5fl.oz.) and checked out.   BTW…I also manage to remember the band-aids 🙂

POP Beauty Purple Plum Nail Glam.

POP Beauty Purple Plum Nail Glam.

The Pros:

  1. The formula is a medium consistence, yet highly pigmented.
  2. The brush is well constructed and able to distribute the polish evenly across the nail bed.
  3. The price/amount ratio is on par with OPI, ESSIE, and other drugstore brands, yet the quality is equivalent to higher-end brands, if not better.
  4. This polish is easily removable..It does not stain the nails or cuticles during removal.
  5. Opacity is reached in two coats.
  6. The finish is outstanding…creamy and smooth!
  7. The polish lasted 5 days, with a top coat, before any noticeable chipping..this will vary according to one’s activities.
  8. POP Beauty polishes are 3-free: Formaldehyde, DBP, and Toluene free.
  9. POP Beauty polishes come in 34 shades, some sites offer even more shades.
POP Beauty Purple Plum.

POP Beauty Purple Plum Nail Glam.

According to Ulta’s website description:

Each POP Beauty Nail Glam shade is non-occlusive so it won’t stain nails. Nail Glams also contain nylon which helps create a strengthening non-chip barrier which ensures that Nail Glams staying power is sensational!

The Cons:

  1. Purple Plum is a very dark aubergine color.  This color is so dark it resembles a black polish.
  2. The purple tones come out ever so slightly in the sun and under fluorescent lighting.
  3. Select retail locations sell this brand to purchase in person, however there are a multitude of online retailers.
  4. The longer handle does take some getting use to.
POP Beauty Purple Plum Nail Glam..

POP Beauty Purple Plum Nail Glam..

POP Beauty is sold at Ulta (not the complete collection), Duane Reade Pharmacies, Dermstore.comZappos.com, and Beauty.com.

THE VERDICT:  If makeup could talk what would it say?

Makeup would tell you POP Beauty Nail Glam polishes are worth the investment.  I would happily purchase more colors from this fantastic brand.  There are some glitter polishes in POP’s line-up that would give Deborah Lippmann a run for her money.  I may just have to go back to Duane Reade for some family essentials…wink, wink….we all know the real reason why I need to go back…until next time.  Be well and stay safe.


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  1. Wow. What a terrific and fun looking product. I bet it will look great with me holding a wine glass off a deep well aged French Burgundy and that lush plum color. That’s just a mouth watering color and look.

    Hey M, do you have a twitter page?????? I would like to follow along with your tweets as well……

    Your just the best. Always bringing a smile to my day. THANK YOU!!!!



    • Hello Angie,
      Long time no write..I hope all is well. I think this would look fabulous against a glass of white wine..would bring out the purple undertones 🙂 My twitter is makeupcouldtalk…the “if” was denied..hey ho. You put a smile on my face every time I read your lovely comments. The very best to you darling.

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