Make Up For Ever 110 Foundation Kabuki Brush Does It All.

Make Up For Ever

Make Up For Ever 110 Foundation Kabuki Brush.

So much time, energy and money is spent on searching for the right foundation, bronzer, blush and highlighter.  Undoubtably, these are essential in achieving a beautiful complexion, but the brushes used to apply these products are just as important.  Make Up For Ever 110 Foundation Kabuki Brush ($48 USD) is the one artisan tool that can truly do it all.  Ladies, put all your other cosmetic brushes aside and make way for one of the most useful makeup tools you will ever encounter.  🙂

Make Up For Ever

Make Up For Ever 110 Foundation Kabuki Brush.

The Pros to Make Up For Ever 110 Foundation Kabuki Brush:

  1. Incredibly soft dense bristles.
  2. Tapered shape is perfect for distributing product under the eyes and around hard to reach areas.
  3. Longer metal handle is substantially weighted for comfortable hold during use.
  4. Hand-crafted by 30 artisans using a 25 step process.
  5. 100% synthetic straight fibers are easy to clean and can be used with liquid, powder and cream products.
  6. Fibers are bunched tightly to ensure zero shedding.
  7. Long fibers do not absorbed liquid foundation.  Minimal product is needed to achieve even and flawless results.
  8. Perfectly shaped for contour/bronzer application.
  9. Tapered sides also allows for precise highlighter application.
  10. Powder foundation can be built-up with ease for impeccable results.
  11. Compact kabuki design is ideal for travel.
  12. Lettering will not rub off easily, they seem to be etched on the metal.
  13. Manufactured by renowned brush maker Raphaël (here) on the island of Mauritius (Africa).
  14. 76 brushes in the Artisan Line:
  • 100s = complexion
    200s = eyes
    300s = lips
    400s = artistic specially designed for professionals.

The Cons to Make Up For Ever 110 Foundation Kabuki Brush:

  1. Beautiful brush does not come with an accompanying pouch, like their old kabuki brush.
  2. Due to the dense composition, dry time ranges between 12-15 hours.
  3. Seriously, no other cons…this is a fantastic all-in-one brush.
Make Up For Ever

Make Up For Ever 110 Foundation Kabuki Brush.

Comparison Kabuki Brushes:

Kabuki Brushes

Kabuki Brush Comparisons:
Make Up For Ever Buffer Kabuki (5 years old), Make Up For Ever 110 Foundation Kabuki Brush, Edward Bess Kabuki Brush, Dior Mini Kabuki.

  • Make Up For Ever Buffer Kabuki has been in my collection for five years.  The synthetic bristles are so soft, but the handle’s outer plastic covering cracked within the first month of ownership.  I barely use this brush, simply because the bristles are too splayed for my liking.
  • Make Up For Ever 110 Foundation Kabuki Brush is rather dense compared to all the rest.  The closely-packed synthetic fibers and tapered head work well with a variety of formulations.  In addition, the longer metal handle really fits the contours of the hand perfectly.
  • Edward Bess Kabuki Brush is not really a favorite.  The natural fibers are too scratchy for my liking. In addition, the lettering on the outer casing are prone to rubbing off–hence the clear polish on the name.
  • Dior Mini Kabuki came with my Dior Nude Bronzer.  The natural hair bristles are surprisingly soft and fantastic for any powder application.  However, this little guy lacks the versatility found in his synthetic competitor.

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Make Up For Ever 110 Foundation Kabuki Brush.

Finished Look using Make Up For Ever 110 Foundation Kabuki Brush.

The above photo shows how well Make Up For Ever 110 Foundation Kabuki Brush applied my liquid foundation, bronzer and highlighter.  This brush could have easily handled powder blush, but instead I opted to apply Kjaer Weis Abundance Blush with my fingers (review coming soon).  Should this beauty seem too overwhelming for some of you, MUFE also offers the 102 Small Foundation Kabuki, (here).  FYI, ignore the gray hairs…a clear sign of wisdom, not age.  🙂    

Make Up For Ever 110 Foundation Kabuki Brush

Make Up For Ever 110 Foundation Kabuki Brush housed in my old MUFE Kabuki pouch.

My newest little friend is housed in my old MUFE Kabuki Brush pouch.  For the price, I really wish MUFE would have included a pouch…regardless, my little guy is as snug as a bug in his little makeshift bed, raising a bristle saying, “Peace-out Peeps.”  🙂

**Make Up For Ever 110 Foundation Kabuki Brush can be purchased at Sephora and**

THE VERDICT:  If makeup could talk what would it say?

Makeup would tell you Make Up For Ever 110 Foundation Kabuki Brush is a do-it-all wonder.  The soft densely packed synthetic bristles, sturdy metal handle, hand-crafted tapered shape and compact style make this brush a must-have.  Will this mean the end of my Tom Ford, Wayne Goss and Chikuhodo Brushes?  NO…but, honestly speaking the fantastic quality of these MUFE brushes is making me wonder if I really needed……STOP MARIA!!! Don’t even think about finishing that sentence.  🙂  Check-out the video below and see if this brush is right for you.  Until next time, be well, stay safe and be happy.


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  1. What an amazing review. I have the 124 full Kabuki and I love it to pieces. I use it for pretty much everything, but now I think the 110 is in order. I really love how well though out your reviews are 🙂

    • Hello Samantha,

      Thank you so much, I’m so happy you enjoyed this review. I had my eye on the 124, but opted for the 110 because of the tapered head. I’m really impressed with the quality of this brush, I may have to indulge in another very soon 🙂


  2. Oh goodness! I’ve been so disappointed with my foundations lately. It may be that my skin is so dry, but lately my foundations have been looking so heavy and so I’ve been opting for a tinted moisturizer. Maybe I just need to invest in a good brush 😉

    • Hello Maeve,

      I feel your pain. My skin is very dry and adding a liquid foundation does not help matters. I moisturize lightly with Waxelene and Josie Maran Whipped Body Butter prior to foundation application. This brush helps with my dry skin, in that I use very little liquid foundation to achieve flawless results. A good brush can make all the difference in some cases.


  3. I like how it is synthetic but doesn’t look synthetic. The pointed tip definitely is a great shape to use for a variety of products much more so than the flat top. I think with its versatility, you almost want more than one, or at least I would!

    Lovely pix and a lovely you as always!

    • Hello Olivia,

      You make an excellent point..this does not look synthetic and best of all it does not feel synthetic. The tapered head is what did it for me, I love Kabuki brushes, and this one hits all the right notes. Thank you so much darling.


  4. I looked at it so many times, but never decided to pick it up! Sounds literally amazing though, I may treat myself to it after all sooner or later! Loved your review as usual, you’re amazing 🙂 xx
    Gyudy’s Notes Of Beauty

    • Hello Gyudy,

      Thank you so much. This brush is wonderful, I’m so impressed with this line, I may have to splurge on another one of these beauties. The synthetic fibers are so easy to care for and the softness is equally as impressive.


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