Tom Ford Cream Foundation Brush review, photos and comparisons.

Tom Ford Cream Foundation Brush.

Tom Ford Cream Foundation Brush.

I feel as if this post is long overdue.  Tom Ford Cream Foundation Brush ($72 US) has been featured in most of my Makeup of the Week posts and yet, I have not properly given this brush it’s just recognition.  Shame on me, I must rectify this silly oversight 🙂

The Pros:

As with all Tom Ford brushes, this beauty is incredibly soft and dense.  Originally, the purpose of the Cream Foundation Brush was meant for application of the Tom Ford Traceless Foundation Stick.  Tom Ford believes in using brushes to apply all cosmetics.  The natural white goat hair composition is ideal to buff in cream foundation, so as to give the appearance of an airbrushed look.  A smaller head size lends itself ideal for maneuvering around hard to reach crevices on the face, such as around the nose and under the eye area. The height and length of the bristles are just the right size, giving smooth and even results. The density of the bristles allows the brush to retain its shape and hold on to the foundation securely during application.

The handle is perfectly weighted to feel balanced and comfortable in the hand during usage.   The gold ferrule and mahogany colored lacquered handle are beautiful as well as sturdy.  A flatten base allows one to easily set this brush in an upright position.  Tom Ford is engraved with gold lettering on one side with the accompanying number on the other side.  This brush has been in my possession for 6 months and the lettering has not faded or rubbed off in the least (unlike MAC brushes…cough, cough).  My darling has not shed any hairs since its initial cleaning.  After every washing, the hairs are magically restored to their brilliant white coloring.

Tom Ford Cream Foundation Brush.

Tom Ford Cream Foundation Brush.

I have used the Cream Foundation Brush, dampened, with my Eve Pearl Cream Foundation and it did leave a lovely finish. The compactness of the bristles are also perfect for use with my Nars Multiple in Cap Vert and my It Cosmetics cream highlighter.  Tom Ford Cream Foundation brush would also be perfect for application of Chanel Soleil Tan de Chanel (aka: Bronze Universal) as a contour.  The makeup artist at the Tom Ford counter echoed my thoughts and revealed they also use the Cream Foundation Brush to apply Tom Ford Shade and Illuminate to their clients.  In fact, some of the artists prefer the Cream Foundation Brush over the Shade and Illuminate Brush.

The Cons:

Since my foundation of choice is Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation (liquid formulation) this brush does not give me a desirable finish .  The density of the bristles and the natural goat hair absorb too much product and does not deposit any foundation on the skin.  I prefer using my Philosophy Supernatural Airbrush Brush, made of synthetic material, to apply my liquid foundation.  If your choice of foundation is liquid, whipped or mineral, then a synthetic brush would be a better option.

The price is another obvious concern.  Truthfully, I did contemplate returning this brush, but I could not bear the thought of separating The Three Musketeers of Tom Ford Brushes in my arsenal.  Such a crazy act would have been sacrilege 🙂

Brush Comparisons:


 Philosophy Supernatural Airbrush Brush vs. Tom Ford Cream Foundation Brush


Tom Ford Cheek Brush (reviewed here) vs. Tom Ford Cream Foundation Brush.

Philosophy Supernatural Airbrush Brush vs. Tom Ford Cream Foundation brush vs. Tom Ford Cheek Brush.

Philosophy Supernatural Airbrush Brush vs. Tom Ford Cream Foundation brush vs. Tom Ford Cheek Brush.

I have since found the Tom Ford Cream Foundation brush indispensable for highlighter and cream bronzer application .  The size, natural hair and density are of perfect design to give control for precise application.

The Three Musketeers: Tom Ford cream Foundation brush, Cheek Brush, and Bronzer Brush.

The Three Musketeers: Tom Ford Cream Foundation brush, Cheek Brush, and Bronzer Brush (reviewed here).

Tom Ford Beauty can be found in person at Saks Fifth Avenue (in NYC), Bergdorf Goodman, select Neiman Marcus locations and the entire collection online at  Saks, Neiman Marcus, Bergdorf Goodman,  Nordstrom (TF lip, nails and fragrance only), Bloomingdales (lips, nails and fragrance only)

THE VERDICT:  If makeup could talk what would it say?

Makeup would tell you if you want luxury makeup brushes in your life, then Tom Ford is your man.  There are some people who have extremely sensitive skin and require the softest brushes possible to apply their cosmetics.  I am not one of these people, however at my age, I want quality and by-golly the Tom Ford brush range delivers on this notion.  There are other Japanese brands that produce softer and more refined brushes, but they are either too expensive or inaccessible to me.  Sonia from Sweet Makeup Temptations (here) explores this wonderful world.  For now, Tommy is more than enough to satisfy me, until some other man comes into my life….hint, hint Wayne Goss Brush Collection (here) anyone….Be well and stay safe.


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