Current Makeup Look 2016.

Makeup Look

Current Makeup Look.

Current Makeup Look.

Current Makeup Look.

My ridiculously busy schedule has left me little time to experiment and create new makeup looks on a daily basis.  In the spirit of brevity, I have been sporting the same look for the past three weeks straight.  So for this long, overdue post I will give detailed descriptions on the brushes used, application of color and overall thoughts on some new products and techniques.  I hope you find this helpful.

Current Makeup Look Brushes:

Makeup eye brushes.

Current Makeup Look.

Makeup brushes

Current Makeup Look:
Sonia Kashuk #17 Medium Multipurpose Powder Brush and Artis Oval 7.

  • These eye brushes have served me well for the past few weeks.  For brow color application I have truly been enjoying Billy B #12 to pat color in the front portion of the eyebrow.  Utilizing a fluffier brush creates more of a natural look as opposed to a harsh angular shape.  I have a particular affinity for Giorgio Armani Eye and Brow Maestro in 2 Wenge Wood (reviewed here), but any pomade of your choice will suffice.
  • Wayne Goss #21 is one of the most versatile brushes I have ever purchased.  The wide, stiff, shortened hairs can be expertly manipulated to create sophisticated shapes or extreme looks.  On my fuller brows, WG21 is brilliant for filling in gaps and gently outlining the upper and lower portion of the brows.  The design also lends itself as an excellent angled eyeliner brush.  If you are keen on using powder as eyeliner, this brush holds color securely and deposits a saturated line on the skin instantly.
  • Eve Pearl #105 is one of my favorite blending brushes.  Since my large mobile lid requires specific color stratagem, this brush is able to deposit colors accurately and fuse colors seamlessly.  When blending out color along the lash line, the dense, slightly stiff fibers do not create drag on the skin.
  • Anyone ranging from the novice realm to professionals, should own the MAC 217.  The dupes for this brush are far and wide, but I wholeheartedly favor the original.  The design of the 217 is wonderful for all over color application, crease work, and outer “v” application.
  • Sonia Kashuk #17 was a complete impulse purchase–one which I’m most fond of.  The soft natural goat hairs possess the right density, shape and length for bronzer, blush and highlighter application.  This brush is even fantastic for finishing powders and to kick of excess powder (aka: bake) under the eye area.
  • Artis Oval 7 (reviewed here) is a complete must-have if you are into flawless foundation application.  Recent outstanding customer service has deepened my devotion for this brand.  Should an issue arise over any of your brushes, Artis customer service promptly addresses and works diligently to resolve the situation.

Current Makeup Look Eye Products:

 Makeup Look.

Current Makeup Look.


Current Makeup Look.

  • Start by priming lids with your favorite primer. I use NYX primer and a bit of bareMinerals 5-in-1 Candlelit Peach to cancel out any discoloration. This particular color has delicate shimmers throughout, the effect is illuminating rather than offensive.
matte eyeshadow

Current Makeup Look.
Armani Navy, MAC Uninterrupted, the balm Caught in the Act Courtney, ABH Sienna, and MUFE M510.


MUFE #510 and MAC Uninterrupted

Current Makeup Look.
MUFE #510 and MAC Uninterrupted.

  • Proceed by adding a flesh color eyeshadow (MUFE M510) over the primer.  This step will ensure the primer is set and other eyeshadows will glide on the skin easily.
  • Take the MAC 217 and add MAC Uninterrupted (or any other warm shadow) to define the crease area.
Makeup Look

Current Makeup Look.
ABH Sienna and MAC Uninterrupted.

  • Using a smaller brush (Eve Pearl 105) take a combination of MAC Uninterrupted and ABH Sienna to the outer “v” area and under the lash line.
Wayne Goss #21

Current Makeup Look.
theBalm Caught in the Act Courtney.

  • Using Wayne Goss #21 take a rich chocolate brown color and run it along the lash line in a wedge shape, extending the other portion into a winged line.
  • Proceed to blend the line upwards, with Eve Pearl #105 brush, until the color fades into the flesh base and a gradient effect is achieved.  Add more color as you see fit until you reach your desired intensity.
Tom Ford Eye Defining Pen.

Current Makeup Look.
Step 7: Tom Ford Eye Defining Pen.

  • Next, line the upper lash line with any black liquid liner of your choice.  Tom Ford Eye Defining Pen is so user friendly, even the most inexperienced makeup novice will achieve a perfect line.  This step is solely intended as a guide line for the navy liner.
Giorgio Armani Navy

Current Makeup Look.
 Armani Navy

  • Using a small brush (Billy B #12) gradually pat Armani Navy (the very best navy color IMHO) on and over the outer half of your winged liner.  This rich navy will help create dimension and transition the upcoming navy liquid liner.
Too Faced Who's Zooming Who.

Current Makeup Look:
Wayne Goss #21 with Too Faced Melted Matte Lipstick in Who’s Zooming Who.

  • Now for the star of the show, take Too Faced Melted Matte Lipstick in Who’s Zooming Who on Wayne Goss #21 and PAT the color over the black liner.  Patting motions allow optimal control and even color distribution.  The stiff fibers, although not the plushest, will ensure color is placed exactly where one desires.
MAC Coil

Current Makeup Look:
Step 10: MAC Coil on the lower lash line.

  • As an added pop of copper sparkle, pickup a bit of MAC Coil on a sponge tip applicator and pat it on the center of the lower lash line, over the existing eyeshadow.
Wet-n-Wild Lash Primer

Current Makeup Look:
Step 11: Wet-n-Wild Lash Primer with Maybelline Lash Sensational.

  • Next, apply Wet-n-Wild Lash Primer to the lashes.  Let this set for a good 15 seconds before applying mascara.  This primer is not only incredibly affordable, but is one of my favorite lash primers.  To boot, mascara adheres the entire day and removal is so much easier at the end of the day.
  • As usual my mascara of choice is Maybelline Lash Sensational (reviewed here).  If you don’t have it–Get It!!
  • As a finishing touch, I added Bobbi Brown Taupe (reviewed here) on the waterline.

Current Makeup Look Face Products:

Current Makeup Look: Kett Hydro Foundation in Yellow and Blue with Marc Jacobs Re(Marc)able Foundation.

Current Makeup Look:
Kett Hydro Color Theory in Yellow and Blue with Marc Jacobs Re(Marc)able Foundation.

Current Makeup Look: Kett Hydro Foundation in Yellow and Blue with Marc Jacobs Re(Marc)able Foundation.

Current Makeup Look:
Kett Hydro Color Theory in Yellow and Blue with Marc Jacobs Re(Marc)able Foundation.

Current Makeup Look: Kett Hydro Foundation mixed with Marc Jacobs Re(Marc)able Foundation.

Current Makeup Look:
Kett Hydro Color Theroy mixed with Marc Jacobs Re(Marc)able Foundation.

  • Taking my Eve Pearl Pro Mixing Palette, add Kett Hydro Color Theroy with your foundation of choice to obtain the right undertone.  The yellow and blue colors meld to produce a green tinge that seems to accommodate the olive undertones inherent in my skin.
  • Although technically an airbrush product, these drops work beautifully with my Marc Jacobs Re(marc)able Foundation in 35 Beige Taupe.  Makeup For Ever also produce Chromatic Drops color adjusters, but the yellow and blue colors are always sold-out.  I’m so happy to have found Kett’s paraben-free, lightweight version.  If you are unhappy with the undertone of your foundation, these drops (5 colors in all) will instantly calibrate any formula to your unique coloring.
 RCMA No-Color Powder

Current Makeup Look:
RCMA No-Color Powder, Cinema Secrets Ultralucent Setting Powder and Beautyblender mini.

  • I’m not one to follow trends so easily, but I must admit the “baking” sensation that is sweeping Youtube has some validity.  For my olive complexion, I find a mixture of RCMA No-Color Powder and Cinema Secrets Setting Powder in Beige work well.  The “No-color” claim is amusing to me, considering the amount of white powder used during baking will undoubtedly leave a slight white cast on the skin.  Medium and darker skins are advised to pick RCMA Warm Golden Powder (or any other yellow/warm color) instead.  In my case, mixing the two powders grants me the best of both worlds–color (CS) and smoothing properties (RCMA).
  • I simply use my dampened beautyblender mini to pick up powder and apply a generous amount to set the under eye area.  Personally, I let the powder “bake” for five minutes before I gently remove it with my brush.
  • The results do not settle into fine lines, even on my slightly mature skin.  The under eye area seems to remain flawless the entire day, amidst countless hours in humid pool conditions, during my sons’ swimming and diving sessions.
  • For highlighter I used Illamasqua OMG (reviewed here) and for blush Laura Mercier Lush Nectarine has made a triumphant return in my routine.

Current Makeup Look Lip Products:

 Lip Ink Sandwood

Current Makeup Look:
Lip Ink Sandwood Lip Stain.

  • Lastly, I applied one coat of Lip Ink lip Stain in Sandwood to clean, exfoliated lips.  These stains have to be the most enduring formulation I have ever tried.  However, I don’t particularly care for the gloss in the line, instead I added Chanel Rouge Allure Gloss in Pirate for this look.  The company emphatically does not recommend using other cosmetics with their stains, because they may compromise the wear of the stains.  In this case, that claim is true.  Normally, my Dior Addict Fluid Sticks work well with the Lip Ink stains, but Pirate was so pretty I could not resist.

**A direct link to each product mentioned above is provided simply by clicking the name of the product.**

THE VERDICT:  If Makeup Could Talk what would it say?

Makeup would tell you, these are a lot of products for daily use.  However, considering I despise touching-up my makeup throughout the day (lipstick excluded), I can honestly state this look holds up well from the moment I apply it to the end of the day.  Taking that bit of time (45 min) for myself at the start of the day, gives me the confidence and stamina to get through a busy schedule.  Like I always preach to my kids, “If you look good, you feel good and you do well.”   Who wouldn’t want that?  🙂  Until next time, be well, stay safe and be happy.


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