Long Lasting Makeup!

Makeup freshly applied before Kayaking.

Makeup freshly applied BEFORE Kayaking.

What does Ifmakeupcouldtalk wear on a Kayaking trip with her family?  The answer is simple….a life preserver (I cannot swim) and a full face of makeup of course!  What better way to test a product’s longevity than to brave the rocky waters (not really..at times quite shallow) of Freeport, Long Island’s Baldwin Bay.  I do invest significant amounts of funds and time towards these camouflaging baubles to ensure I remain flawless all day long, in the most unlikeliest of circumstances.  Long Lasting Makeup is the objective, during times when touch-ups are not in any way possible.  Obviously, most people will not have to contend with splashing salt water and wind on a day-to-day basis, nonetheless I had to bring something new to the table 🙂

Long Lasting Eye Makeup:

  1. Invest in a quality eyeshadow primer.  Look for formulas that will work as a primer and/or a neutral stand alone shade to pair with mascara for a instantly polished eye look.  Laura Mercier Eye Canvas in EC-3 is my choice (reviewed here).
  2. Invest in a long lasting cream formula shade as your sole eyeshadow for the day.  Gel liners are wonderful in this regard; look for formulas which are petrolatum-free (aka: mineral oil: in my experience this oily ingredient breaks down the pigment throughout the day), are waterproof, and have a history of longevity. Bobbi Brown Cobalt Ink (reviewed here) was amazing during my little family water excursion. Maybelline Color Tattoos and L’Oreal Infallible Eyeshadows are nice drugstore alternatives. Powder eyeshadows remain at bay for the day.
  3. Waterproof Mascara is always a sensible idea during these conditions.  Personally, I never wear the stuff because it is very difficult to remove and I value what is remaining of my once-upon-time voluminous lashes.  I am very conscious of keeping my head above water, both literally and metaphorically speaking 🙂


Long Wearing Cream Formulas L-R:  L’Oreal Infallible Eyeshadow in Bottomless Java, Estee Lauder Double Wear Bronze Cream Shadow, Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill in #6, Laura Mercier Eye Canvas in EC-3, YSL #7 Cream Liner, Bobbi Brown Cobalt Ink gel liner (reviewed here), Clinique Black Honey Gel Liner (seen here), Inglot #90, Chanel Stylo Eyeshadows in Moon River (reviewed here) and Black Stream, MAC Powerchrome Pencils in Life’s Luxery (reviewed here) and Copper Strip (reviewed here). 

Long Lasting Base Makeup:

  1. Avoid heavy lotion or creams in the warmer months, use fast absorbing oils instead.  I use oils as my sole moisturizer all year long.  My choices are Argan Oil, Coconut Oil and/or Nuxe Dry Oil.
  2. Always use a foundation primer.  My Hourglass Mineral Veil Primer cost a small fortune, but it really does “waterproof” your foundation, makes the color last longer, and does give less-than-perfect skin, a smooth canvas that will aid in a more flawless foundation application.  A small amount is needed, therefore one bottle will last well over a year.
  3. Invest in a long-wearing foundation.  My Estee Lauder Double Wear in 3N1 is my HG foundation. This foundation works beautifully on well moisturized skin and does not budge throughout the day.


Long Lasting Face Makeup:

  1. Powder products tend to fade rather quickly in the warmer months.  Opt for cream-to-powder blushes and bronzers that are known to be long lasting and/or waterproof.  My Chanel Destiny 61 (reviewed here) held up amazingly well in semi-wet, hot, humid conditions (I was shocked myself).  I did not wear bronzer on this day, but I hear so much buzz surrounding Hourglass Waterproof Bronzer as being one of the best long lasting bronzers on the market.
  2. Highlighters are not a necessity for many, but true to form, I could not help myself and test my newest acquisition: Laura Mercier Spellbound Illuminator (reviewed here).  Using a slightly damp brush will change the powder consistency to a smoother texture that will adhere to the skin for a more extended period of time.  BTW, Spellbound did not budge!
  3. Finally, if you are serious about keeping your makeup in place, a setting spray is a must! Skindinavia Setting Spray not only holds my makeup in place for an obscene amount of time, but it also has the magical ability to bring all the colors and textures together for a more natural and seamless appearance.

Long Lasting Lip Color:

  1. If color is needed/wanted invest in a quality lip stain such as Daliia My Best Friend’s Red lip stain (reviewed here).  My lips did get dry, however, the color was very much apparent for the entirety of the event.  Remember to carry a natural lip balm with you to add moisture to your lips should they get dry.
Makeup AFTER Kayaking.

Makeup AFTER Kayaking. Not Bad if I do say so myself!

THE VERDICT:  If makeup could talk what would it say?

Makeup would tell you, my face paint held up so well even my husband commented, “Only you would look this put together after Kayaking.”  So sweet!  Do keep in mind, the upper half of my body remained in great shape, however the lower portion was a soggy disaster!  My experiment was a success; all products performed beautifully under these extreme circumstances.  The unnecessary call to apply all of these products has not escaped my rationale, the desire to put on these cosmetics was the work of a greater force.  After all someone had to look good for the seagulls.  Be well and stay safe.

***If you are in the Long Island area and want to experience a fun and relaxing activity check out FKR (Freeport Kayaking Rentals) here.   The owner’s name is Jerry and he had the most calming and patient disposition.


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