NOTW: Chanel 509 Paradoxal Nail Polish.

Chanel 509 Paradoxal

Chanel 509 Paradoxal

Life is one big paradox.  For instance, you have to spend money to make money.  A teacher teaches everyone, but who teaches the teacher?   For you “Avengers” fans (myself included) riddle me this, “what happens to an unstoppable force (Thor’s hammer) when it meets an immovable object (Captain America’s Shield)?”   Chanel 509 Paradoxal ($27 US/.4 fl. oz.) is one of those remarkable conundrums that will dazzle the masses, from the most extreme beauty junkies to the more mundane audience.

The Color/Formula:

Paradoxal is true to its name, it is a beautiful contradiction of dark murky gray mixed with an illuminating violet/blue/pink pearl.  The violet pearl seems to glow from within the gray color base.  GORGEOUS!   This polish has a thin/medium consistency and glides on the nails smoothly.  The formula is very comparable to OPI, Rococo, Dior and some Deborah Lippmann polishes.  509 Paradoxal is opaque in two coats and lasts the typical 4 days.  As always, wear time depends on one’s activities.

Chanel 509 Paradoxal.

Chanel 509 Paradoxal.

The Pros:

Paradoxal is one of the most complex colors you will ever encounter.  This color came out three years ago, to a mass of publicity the nail polish industry has never seen.  This color appears to be dark gray in natural lighting, but then morphs to a murky gray/purple with slight shimmers, in the presence of sunlight or flash photography.  Paradoxal will suit a variety of skin tones and nail lengths.  Originally, Chanel announced 509 Paradoxal would be limited edition, but it is readily available at every Chanel counter and on, to this very day.  As with all Chanel nail polishes it is three free: no Formaldehyde, DBP, or Toluene.

The Cons:

The pink elephant in the room has a sign on its back that screams…PRICE!!  Chanel’s nail polish prices go up one dollar every year, I remember purchasing Paradoxal for $24.  Yikes..seems like a steal now.  The brush on Chanel polishes is not my favorite, it is on the thinner side and does take at least 4-5 brush strokes per nail.  Thankfully, the formula does not dry quickly, so you have enough time to correct any streaks that may occur.

Presently, you would be hard pressed not to find a duplicate of this lovely color in every drugstore line.  In fact, Revlon has come out with a 99% duplicate color for Paradoxal called Perplex, which is now readily available in most drugstores.  The Pink Sith (one of my favorite bloggers) did an excellent comparison of the two colors here.

Chanel is sold in Macys, Blommingdales, Saks, Bergdorf, Neiman Marcus,, etc..  Revlon is sold in CVS, Rite Aid, Harmon, Ulta,, etc..

THE VERDICT:  If makeup could talk what would it say?

Makeup would tell you this oldie but goodie does make an impressive statement on the nails.  Chanel truly makes some unique colors worthy of duplication by other companies.  So if you have Chanel 509 Paradoxal or one of its many inspired clones, it’s time to break it out and enjoy it’s opulence.  With the exception of Chanel Malice (Fall 2012 collection reviewed here) I really have not been blown away by many of Chanel’s newer nail polish colors.  Who knows maybe that will change.  As Oscar Wilde once said,

“I can resist anything but temptation”

The paradox of my life when it comes to cosmetics!  Be well and stay safe.