NOTW: Estee Lauder Smashed Nail Lacquer


First Photo: Smashed in natural light.  Second Photo: Smashed with flash.

Estee Lauder Smashed Nail Lacquer:

Do you know what British slang is for getting hosed, drunk, wasted, sloshed, plastered, blitzed, goosed, hammered, tanked, trashed, sauced, etc..?  They refer to it as getting smashed!!!  Introducing Estee Lauder Smashed nail lacquer ($20US/ .3fl oz.).  I’m fairly certain EL did not have that visual in mind when they named this polish.  Regardless, do you see what I see?

The Formula:

Estee Lauder Smashed is a gorgeous mixture of purple, blue, red and silver shimmers melded/smashed together with a purple base color.  This delightful concoction of colors is the most grown-up shimmer nail polish I have ever come across.  EL Smashed has a wonderfully even consistency that easily glides across the nail.  It does not clump or gather at the tip of the nail, which is typical with shimmer finishes.  There are no hexagonal glitters (looking at you Deborah Lippmann) in the polish, instead the shimmers are very fine and plentiful.  Smashed is not one of those colors that looks shimmery and beautiful in the bottle and underwhelming(ly) boring on the nail.  Oh contraire mon ami, this beauty is noticeably shimmery in every light but in a very adult manner.


The Pros:

When Smashed dries down, it remains even and smooth, not a rough bump in sight.  The brush is uniformity wide from base to tip, application is a pleasure!  Opacity is reached using two luscious coats and wear time is fantastic!  I will get 5 days without any noticeable chipping.  I suspect, the highly compact fine shimmers has something to do with its phenomenal longevity.

The Cons:

If I must dish out some criticism, it would pertain to the bottle itself and amount/price ratio.  Personally, I find the packaging very bulky and unnecessary.  I think they could have come up with a sleeker design, considering the amount of polish Estee Lauder offers (.3 fl oz) is below average compared to the standard nail polish (.5fl oz.).

Will this stop me from purchasing other colors in the future?  Come now…we all know the answer to that question!  Estee Lauder offers 34 beautiful shades that will satisfy a variety of people.  Estee Lauder counters can be found everywhere in person and online.

THE VERDICT:  If makeup could talk what would it say?

Makeup would tell you Estee Lauder is really modernizing its approach to makeup in general, a visit to the counter would be highly recommended.  Will Smashed stop some from indulging in their libatious activities?  No… but your nails will look D**m gorgeous wrapped around a martini glass that will surely have you praying to the “Porcelain God” the following morning!!!  Don’t get “smashed” but do get Estee Lauder Smashed…Be well and stay safe.