Eve Pearl Medium HD Dual Foundation, Salmon Concealer and 201 Brush are a Winning Trio.

Eve Pearl Medium Hd Dual Foundation, Salmon Concealer and 201 Brush.

Human nature is rather complex.  Why is it that when we find a perfectly good product, after a certain time, we abandon common sense and seek a replacement?  Boredom, change, the allure of new packaging, lack of self-control, advertising claims, etc.. are all possible reasons.  Seven years ago, Eve Pearl Dual Foundation ($58 USD/14.5 g) was my sole foundation of choice–the coverage, smooth texture, and flawless finish was everything one could hope to gain from a foundation, yet for some reason, I strayed.  Needless to say, when the opportunity presented itself to sample her current formulation, along with the famous Salmon Concealer ($39 USD/4.5 g) and 201 Brush ($54 USD), I jumped at the opportunity.  This modern trio has successfully reminded me, the grass is not always green on the other side.  I hope you enjoy.

Eve Pearl Packaging:

Eve Pearl Medium Hd Dual Foundation, Salmon Concealer and 201 Brush.

Eve Pearl Medium Hd Dual Foundation, Salmon Concealer

Eve Pearl Medium HD Dual Foundation.

Eve Pearl Medium Salmon Conceale

  • Right off the bat, I can confirm the Dual foundation has undergone a transformation of sorts.  The older version contained less product (11.5 g) as opposed to current 14.5 grams, was housed in a square compact, the ratio of light to dark shades was 50:50 and manufacturing has shifted from the USA to Taiwan.  Switching manufacturing overseas is probably the reason why we are getting more product for the same price.
  • These upgrades were executed due to consumer request and thankfully, Eve listened.  I do recall wishing there was more product and hoping to have more of the darker hue in relation to the lighter shade.
  • The sleek gunmetal top, black matte base and sizable mirror are exactly the same as the Invisible Finish Powderless Powder (reviewed here).  I adore the sturdiness and rounded design of all of her face compacts.  The hidden sponge below the foundation is non-latex and does an excellent job of blending out foundation when dampened.
  • The concealer compact is smaller and has an all over shiny black finish.  This compact does not contain a sponge, but the petite size, lightweight feel and distortion-free mirror, is really quite handy for daily use throughout the day.

Eve Pearl Formula:

Eve Pearl Medium Hd Dual Foundation, Salmon Concealer

Eve Pearl Medium Hd Dual Foundation, Salmon Concealer swatches

Eve Pearl Medium Hd Dual Foundation, Salmon Concealer ingredient list.

  • When comparing ingredient lists of the foundation and concealer, I spy both products contain the exact same elements, with the obvious difference being the color.
  • Medium Dual Foundation is made up of two warm shades with a golden undertone.  I believe as we age, golden toned foundations are more flattering, by giving the illusion of a healthier/sunkissed complexion–just remember to bring the color down to the neck area.
  • The Salmon Concealer’s shades are pink based (hence the salmon name) and do an excellent job of concealing dark circles and brightening-up the surrounding area.  The creamy formula adheres to the skin well and does not feel drying in the least.  However, if too much product is applied, the concealer will settle into fine lines and look down right horrible–the Less is Best motto certainly applies in this case.  
  • As the description on the back of the boxes states, the cream formulas are indeed paraben, mineral oil, fragrance and water-free.  The slightly thicker consistency is heavily pigmented and can be built up easily to obtain the fullest coverage.  I prefer to lay down an initial layer to even out the complexion and add layers to certain areas were needed.
  • When used without a powder or setting spray, the foundation and concealer lasted well for a solid 7 hours.  Afterward, I did experience oil breakthrough around the t-zone area.
  • The zero SPF factor assures the HD quality translates on photos and film.  If you require a foundation and concealer that does not leave a white case on the skin or have photoflash back, then these are the products for you.

Eve Pearl Medium Hd Dual Foundation instructions.

Eve Pearl Foundation and Concealer Application:

Skindinavia Setting Spray with Eve Pearl 201 Brush.

Eve Pearl Medium Hd Dual Foundation, Salmon Concealer

Unblended Eve Pearl Medium HD Dual Foundation.

  • I like to start with my primer of choice, Mally Perfect Prep Powerless Primer, then using the flat paddle head of the 201 brush, apply the darker shade on the forehead, cheeks, chin and nose. The lighter color is used above the cheeks, and jaw line to give more dimension to the face.  Eve suggests applying the lighter shade to the eyelids, but I find this can look too heavy on my larger lids.
  • I then proceed to apply the concealer under the eyes in the same fashion and blend out the area with a smaller sponge.
  • Using either a DAMPENED sponge or the contour head of the 201 Brush will yield a flawless finish.  I experienced similar results when using both methods.  Ultimately, which tool is better is up to you.
  • **Tip**  On my overly dry skin, this formula is a Godsend and lasts incredibly well (10 hours) when paired with Skindinavia Setting Spray.  Simply spray the contour head of the 201 brush with the setting spray (3-4 pumps) and proceed to push and blend the foundation on the skin.
  • Should you choose not to partake in my setting spray method, it would be highly advisable for oily and combination skins to set the foundation and concealer with a powder for longer lasting results.

Eve Pearl 201 Brush:

Eve Pearl 201 Brush.

Eve Pearl 201 Brush: Paddle Foundation Head.

Eve Pearl 201 Brush.

Eve Pearl 201 Brush: Angled Contour Head.

  • The 201 brush is a dual ended brush intended as the ultimate tool to use with any cream foundation.  The “100% animal free synthetic micro silk fibers are antibacterial and hypoallergenic.” I’m not exactly sure what micro silk fibers are, but I can tell you the contour head is extremely soft and gentle on the skin.
  • The flat paddle head is composed of stiff synthetic fibers (as are most paddle brushes).  I find this brush works extremely well when using long sweeping motions to apply the foundation.  However, the stiff shorter hairs at the base are prone to feeling scratchy if dabbing motions are used instead.  Personally, I find this end also works well with highlighter placement.  I simply dab the brush tip into my powder highlighter, lightly spray the brush with my setting spray and proceed to apply the pigment to my face.
  • The contour head is brilliant for cream and powder formulations.  As soon as I’m finished blending my foundation, I simply wipe off any excess and proceed to apply my contour, bronzer and blush. Liquid formulations do not do well with this brush; the dense fibers are too long and absorb most of the liquid.
  • Although the 201 brush is rather handy, I find the price a bit steep for a synthetic, mass-produced brush made in China.  For this reason, it is advisable to take advantage of Eve Pearl’s Black Pearl sales (60% off on brushes) or purchasing this brush as part of a set on QVC (link below).
Finished look using Eve Pearl Medium Hd Dual Foundation, Salmon Concealer and Sweet Cheeks Blush (review coming soon).

Finished look using Eve Pearl Medium Hd Dual Foundation, Salmon Concealer and Sweet Cheeks Blush (review coming soon).

For the above eye look (requested):

  1. Start with NYX Primer all over the mobile lid.
  2. Mix Bobbi Brown Stone and Sandy Gold Cream Shadow and apply to the mobile lid and lower lash line.
  3. MAC Uninterrupted was used in the crease and blended above the socket bone.
  4. Kjaer Weis Magnetic was also used to deepen the lower half of the crease and lower lash line.
  5. MUFE M-510 was used to highlight the brow bone.
  6. Laura Mercier Wet Sand Glace was used as a topper shade to add a golden sparkle.
  7. Stila Waterproof liner in Midnight was used in the first photo, but then darkened the line by adding a black liner close to the lashes, for the final look.
  8. Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill Solo in Armani Navy was used above the liner and blended upward.
  9. Ingot #77 gel liner was used on the upper waterline.
  10. Rimmel Nude liner was used on the lower waterline.
  11. For the first time I tried Ardell Medium knot-free individual lashes (two on each eye)–not bad for a beginner.  🙂
  12. Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara was used to finish off the look.

**Eve Pearl cosmetics can be found on QVC.com and eve pearl.com.**

THE VERDICT:  If Makeup Could Talk what would it say?

Makeup would tell you Eve Pearl HD Dual Foundation, Salmon Concealer and 201 Brush are absolute classics. Just like a little black dress, nude pumps, diamonds, pearls, a red hot Ferrari and of course, George Clooney–these staples will never go out of style.   🙂  Until next time, be well, stay safe and be happy.


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