Tom Ford Show Me The Pink Nail Lacquer review.

Tom Ford Show Me The Pink nail lacquer.

Tom Ford Show Me The Pink Nail Lacquer.

Admittedly, I do not own many lighter colored nail polishes.  I apply the same concept to nails as to fashion. Darker colors are slimming and hide flaws, whereas lighter colors accentuate the most minuscule imperfection.  My nail beds are rather wide and I try with all my might to find colors that will make them appear narrower.  In addition, my olive skin tone does not mesh well with many lighter shades of polishes. So when Tom Ford Show Me The Pink Nail Lacquer ($32 US/.41 fl. oz.) part of the Fall 2013 Collection came out, I had high hopes this lovely shade would help me break free from the dark cloud looming over my head.  After all, who could go wrong with a pink polish mixed with silver/iridescent sparkle?  Apparently, some people can.

Tom Ford Show Me The Pink Nail Lacquer.

Tom Ford Show Me The Pink Nail Lacquer.

The Pros:

  1. Beautiful pinky/salmon color with noticeable silver/iridescent sparkles running throughout the polish.
  2. Removable square top for easy handling of the brush wand.
  3. Gorgeous packaging…Proudly display this bottle on your vanity.
  4. Formula is thin, but has substantial pigmentation.
  5. The brush head is dense enough to handle a sparkle polish.
  6. Mistakes were removed quickly without smudging or migration.
  7. Wear time is amazing!!!  Six days barely a chip (this will vary).
Tom Ford Show Me The Pink nail swatch.

Tom Ford Show Me The Pink nail swatch.

The Cons:

  1. The price…$32 for nail polish…I need a lobotomy.
  2. The salmon color against my olive skin tone was not flattering in the least.
  3. The formula layered oddly on the nails.
  4. Beautiful silver/iridescent sparkles vanished once the color was applied to the nails.  Why do companies formulate polishes to appear one way in the bottle and differently on the nails?
  5. This limited-edition polish was very streaky….three coats were required to even out the overall look of the polish.
  6. The final result compelled my son to comment, “It looks like you have Silly Putty on your nails.”  Just the sort of reaction I was going for…NOT!  Gotta love the honesty.
Silly Putty on my nails?

Silly Putty on my nails? Not a good look.

Tom Ford Show Me The Pink in natural light...true color representation.

Tom Ford Show Me The Pink in natural light.

Tom Ford Beauty can be found in person at Saks Fifth Avenue (in NYC), Bergdorf Goodman, select Neiman Marcus locations and the entire collection online at  SaksNeiman MarcusBergdorf Goodman,  Nordstrom (TF lip, nails and fragrance only), Bloomingdales (TF lips, nails and fragrance only).

THE VERDICT:  If makeup could talk what would it say?

Makeup would tell you if your budget allows for the purchase of a $32 nail polish, you better make certain you love everything about it.  Unfortunately, I do not love this color against my olive complexion, but I can see Tom Ford Show Me The Pink Nail Lacquer working for a variety of other skin tones.  As for me, I may console myself by exchanging SMTP for another nail lacquer or I can do the rational thing and save my money for something I will really love…Oh one can accuse a beauty addict as being sensible when it comes to cosmetics.  Be well and stay safe.


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