Throwback Thursday..


Throwback Thursday…Happy Birthday M!!!

This week’s throwback is dedicated to the year Moi came into this crazy world!!   The year was……..Do you really think I’m going to  release that information out into cyberspace?  No silly.  You may say, “You’re So Vain You Probably Think This [world] Is About You.”   Well, “Ain’t No Woman Like The One [you] Got”, so deal with the secrecy.  Without further ado, “Let’s Get it On” and show you what Ifmakeupcouldtalk looked like as a toddler:


M back in the early day!


Yes, ladies and gentlemen this is the earliest picture of myself in my possession.  You see when you are the third child, photos are few and far between.  I turned the big ONE in that picture, oh how I loved dogs even back then.  The cutie in the red dress is my sister C and the happy lady waving her napkin about, is my Mama.  She always reminds me, “You Are The Sunshine of My Life”…isn’t she sweet!!  Mama always makes it a point to be the first birthday phone call of the day!


M in the present day!


THE VERDICT:  If makeup could talk what would it say?

Makeup would say, who would have ever thought that sweet little angel face would turn into such a makeup addict!!  Oh well…there are worse things to be.  “Tie a Yellow Ribbon Around The Ole Oak Tree” and enjoy the fact you are healthy and alive.  Peace, love and happiness brothers and sisters…..Happy Birthday to all the May 23rd babies!  Be well and stay safe.


Throwback Thursday!!


Throwback Thursday 1990:

What are some memorable events that happened during that year?

#1:  “U Can’t Touch This” by MC Hammer peaked at #8.  I WANT A RECOUNT!!!  I still sing this song accompanied by the forward facing, side shuffled feet dance moves!  I made up that description…if you have a better one…..

#2:  Italy beats England in the soccer World Cup consolation game !!!  What the heck is the point to a consolation game?  You lost the big’s over.  That little oversight did not stop every “Jersey Shore originator” in my school from rejoicing, even though they could not play soccer to save their lives.  I wonder if they knew what consolation meant?  Stop…you know you were thinking the same thing!!

#3:  On April 15th “In living Color” debuts on the FOX network…remember Jim Carey as Fire Marshall Bill or this?  True Talent!!!


What we are going to do is go back to senior year of HS.  I do not want to be accused of not being able to face my demons ALONE.  Would you like to see Ifmakeupcouldtalk  23 years ago???  I would not…but hey ho..


Why the drawn in look M?  Hungry, cranky, what?  You see back then we use to utilize a little thing called, HAIRSPRAY to obtain the unnatural hair height you see in this photo.  Hairspray’s creator,  AQUANET (that’s what we believed) was all the rage back then.  My friends and I had our cans lined up behind the photographer for easy access to our priceless aerosol.  When one hairspray addict finished her pose, another was awaiting in the wings, spraying her hair ready to take her close up.  A room full of Guidettes does not maketh an ideal photographic environment.  There was a haze of sticky smoke, that engulfed the room which made breathing difficult.  I quickly took a deep breath, a flash went off, and I was done.  Time to breathe….NEXT!!!


THE VERDICT:  If makeup could talk what would it say? 

Makeup would say thank goodness this phase of American history is dead and buried!  Our ozone layer was seriously depleted during that time in history; blame not the cars, the trains, or the planes….it was il diablo himself…..AQUANET!!!  Dun-dun-dun..  What did you look like senior year of HS?  Share.  Be well and stay safe.


Throwback Thursday!!!


We are going to play it forward from last week to 1998!!!  What were some illustrious events that happened in that year?  So glad you asked.

#1:  Remember this:  President Clinton,  “I want to say one thing to the American people, I did not have sexual relations with that woman Miss Lewinsky.”   How far from grace we have fallen from great speeches like JFK’s,  “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.”  In Monica’s defense,  I think she was doing (no pun intended) something for her country!!!  Bada Bing!!!

#2:  Last episode of Seinfeld aired on May 14th..commercial spots were $2 million dollars for 30 second spots.  The world was silent!!

#3:  Mariah Carey divorces Tommy Mottola.  Shocker!!

Despite these dishearten events, there were many shining moments in my life.  It was the year I entered martial bliss and the year my second nephew was born.  Would you like to see Ifmakeupcouldtalk  14 1/2 years ago?



Mama T, my nephew J man, and me.

That spicy meatball next to me is my Mama and my little baby doll, J man.  Look at him….he is raising his little hands in protest, “Move away everyone. I want to be with my Zizi.”  I could have held him forever!!!  This little sweetie is now almost SIX FEET TALL and on his high school tennis and baseball team.   Oh..I’m pulling everyone down with me on my Throwback Thursday sinking ship.

THE VERDICT:  If makeup could talk what would it say?    It would send a message to all those who know me.   BEWARE:  I have forgotten photos YOU have never seen…MWAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!  Have fun and remember the past with much warmth and love.  Be well and stay safe!




Throwback Thursday: Oh Yes I Did !!!



What were you doing in 1997?

Throwback Thursday is a little tag that has been circulating the internet/Instagram feed.  The premise of this tag is rather simple;  dig through your photo archives and resurrect an old photo of yourself  and post it on Thursdays.   Understand ?  Would you like to see  Ifmakeupcouldtalk 15 1/2  years ago?  ME TOO…. Where is she?

Oh here she is:


My nephew and me,  15 1/2  years ago!!! Yikes.

Oh how I was so plump (face only…be nice) and vibrant!!!!

Meanwhile, this little bundle of cuteness, is almost SIX FEET TALL and is on his High School Wrestling Team.  How did this happen?    I guess this is a Throwback for my G man as well!  I will not suffer alone…..

THE VERDICT:  If makeup could talk what would it say?  It would tell me I’m like a fine wine, that will only get better with age!!  Booyah baby!!   What did you look like in 1997?  Share….Be well and stay safe.