ColourPop Super Shock Shadows are Shockingly


ColourPop Super Shock Shadows in I Heart This, So Quiche and Girl Crush.

Most brands, ranging from high-end to the more inexpensive variety, have stepped up their game when it comes to giving the public highly pigmented eyeshadow colors and rich textures.  ColourPop Super Shock Shadows ($5 USD/ 2.1g) shows us that quality does not have to come at a steep price.  The creamy, buoyant consistency and amazing color selection is sure to please everyone–from the more conservative to the most outrageous makeup connoisseur.  I hope you enjoy!

ColourPop Swatches

ColourPop Super Shock Shadow Swatches:
I Heart This, So Quiche and Girl Crush.

The Pros to ColourPop Super Shock Shadows:

  1. Soft creamy spongy consistency is smooth and supple (similar in feel to Chanel Illusion D’ombre Shadows).
  2. Adheres to the skin with the greatest of ease.
  3. Fingers are recommended for optimum color payoff.
  4. Synthetic brushes or sponge tip applicators are the only other tools that will work with this formula.
  5. Shimmer/glitters are unbelievably lightweight and feel undetectable.
  6. No fallout in sight despite the abundance of glitter in certain colors.
  7. Exact same formula as MAC Electric Cool Eyeshadow Formula (see below).
  8. Darker shades tend to leave a stain behind after the eyeshadow is removed.
  9. When applied over my NYX Primer, the colors stayed true for 10-12 hours without any fading or creasing.
  10. Paraben-free, 100% cruelty-free, gluten-free and most of the shock shadows are vegan with the exception of: Tea Party, Bae, Mittens, Lace, Bubbly, Lovey Dovey, and Hunger.
  11. Insanely affordable prices–all Super Shock Shadows are five dollars with free shipping on orders of $30 or more.
  12. 85 shades offered from mattes, to metallics, to satins and everything else under the sun. 🙂
  13. Made in the USA.

The Cons to ColourPop Super Shock Shadows:

  1. Due to the spongy cream consistency, getting an ample amount of color on a brush is challenging to apply to the crease area.
  2. On my deep-set eyes and possibly on hooded eyes, the lightweight glitter does migrate slightly toward the brow bone area throughout the day.
  3. Formula does not work well with natural hair brushes.
  4. Unlike regular powder eyeshadows, these shadows cannot be removed from the pot and placed in a palette.
  5. Individual pots can be tedious to screw open and close on busy mornings.
  6. Due to the cushiony soft texture, eyeshadows are prone to move around and “break apart”.
ColourPop I Heart This

ColourPop Super Shock Shadows in I Heart This.

ColourPop I Heart This.

ColourPop Super Shock Shadows in I Heart This on the mobile lid.

  • I Heart This, is a “cool-toned silvery taupe with multicolored glitter.”  This shade is simply fabulous darling.  Although the website does not discern a finish for this color, the metallic/shimmery champagne color is rather vibrant and yet, surprisingly wearable.  The sheer lavender taupe base mixed with multicolored shimmer/glitters exudes a subtle warmth that is not overdone or obnoxious.  I believe my husband’s exact words where, “That looks really beautiful.” I can now see why this shade is ColourPop’s founder’s favorite color.
ColourPop So Quiche

ColourPop Super Shock Shadow So Quiche.

ColourPop So Quiche

ColourPop Super Shock Shadow So Quiche over a light base layer of Givenchy Ombre Couture Cream Shadow in 9 Brun Cachemire.

  • So Quiche, is a “soft olive with a highly reflective gold and pink violet glittery duo chrome metallic finish.”  I would say this description is spot on.  However, depending on the angle, the color can seem more brown than olive.  I absolutely adore this shade, especially when paired with Givenchy Ombre Couture Cream Eyeshadow in 9 Brun Cachemire (reviewed here).  The warm brown base really brings out the pink violet shimmer against my skin tone and on camera.
  • As mentioned before, some of these shadows do break apart–So Quiche arrived in this condition. Thankfully, this does not effect the shadow’s performance in the least.  The company suggests to put a piece of fabric on the shadow and compress the shadow until the pieces come together.
ColourPop Girl Crush.

ColourPop Super Shock Shadow Girl Crush.

ColourPop Girl Crush.

ColourPop Super Shock Shadow Girl Crush.

  • Girl Crush, is a “matte mid-tone true gray.”  On my skin, the lavender undertones are quite evident, transforming the appearance more into a dove-gray.  Although this is not a color I would reach for often, I find the most flattering way to wear this hue, is on the lid with black liner and a warm brown shadow in the crease.  This matte shade (great finish for a professional environment) is quite muted compared to the others; however, it still manages to pair quite nicely with many other eyeshadow colors.
  • I would have loved to apply this to the crease area, however the creamy formula did not adhere adequately to my domed crease brush.
ColourPop  vs. MAC

ColourPop Super Shock So Quiche vs. MAC Electric Cool Eyeshadow Coil.

 ColourPop vs. MAC

Packaging Comparison:
ColourPop Super Shock So Quiche vs. MAC Electric Cool Eyeshadow Coil.

ColourPop  vs. MAC

Packaging Comparison:
ColourPop Super Shock vs. MAC Electric Cool Eyeshadow

  • The springy consistency of these shadows are a spot on duplicate of MAC Electric Cool Eyeshadow Formula–right down to the packaging size and shape.  As the above photos demonstrate, if MAC’s black packaging was swapped for ColourPop’s white packaging no one would be the wiser. Both formulas perform exactly the same; however, ColourPop offers 85 shades of varying finishes and MAC offers only 6 shimmery shades.  Oh and have I mentioned the price?  ColourPop is $5 vs. MAC at $21–you be the judge.
 ColourPop So Quiche

Wearing ColourPop Super Shock Shadow So Quiche over a light layer of Givenchy Ombre Couture Cream Shadow in 9 Brun Cachemire.

  • Can you tell my eyeshadow is five dollars? I didn’t think so.   🙂  Makeup deeds for this look below.
ColourPop ingredient list.

ColourPop Super Shock Shadow ingredient list.

**ColourPop Super Shock Shadows can be found exclusively on**

THE VERDICT:  If makeup could talk what would it say?

Makeup would tell you ColourPop Super Shock Shadows are amazing!  Granted, if you do not like to apply makeup with your fingers, then these shadows are not for you.  Luckily, I would use any tool at my disposal to get the color payoff and finish I desire.  For my next order, a flesh-colored matte shadow and some other unique shades I cannot find anywhere else.  Heck, for five bucks who can go wrong?  Until next time, be well, stay safe and be happy.


Because I get asked:

  • Earrings are Jennifer Meyer’s Gold Leaf Earrings (here).
  • Foundation is COVER FX Custom Drops in coming soon (here).
  • Lipstick: Sephora #14 Fig Ink Lip Stain (here) with Girlactik Allure Matte Lip Paint (here).

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  1. This brand has been getting a lot of press lately. I might jump on the bandwagon soon. They sound similar to Anna Sui eyeshadows I had long ago. If I didn’t buy the Stilazzi, I probably would have bought these. Better yet, I know now not to buy MAC and buy at least 3 of these for the price of one MAC!!

    • Hello Olivia,

      I caved and purchased these three and they are lovely. Granted you have to like glitter, but as I said there is a finish for everyone. I also purchased their Lippie Stixs, which I only had the chance to try one of the four shades I picked up. The prices are so reasonable, you just can’t help but want to try. 🙂


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