Throwback Thursday: Oh Yes I Did !!!



What were you doing in 1997?

Throwback Thursday is a little tag that has been circulating the internet/Instagram feed.  The premise of this tag is rather simple;  dig through your photo archives and resurrect an old photo of yourself  and post it on Thursdays.   Understand ?  Would you like to see  Ifmakeupcouldtalk 15 1/2  years ago?  ME TOO…. Where is she?

Oh here she is:


My nephew and me,  15 1/2  years ago!!! Yikes.

Oh how I was so plump (face only…be nice) and vibrant!!!!

Meanwhile, this little bundle of cuteness, is almost SIX FEET TALL and is on his High School Wrestling Team.  How did this happen?    I guess this is a Throwback for my G man as well!  I will not suffer alone…..

THE VERDICT:  If makeup could talk what would it say?  It would tell me I’m like a fine wine, that will only get better with age!!  Booyah baby!!   What did you look like in 1997?  Share….Be well and stay safe.


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A blog about beauty (what else), what makes me smile and life with two boys and a dog. This blog is about positivity and inspiration sewn in with a little humor. Makeup is not serious, but how we feel after we apply it, is no joking matter!!! I'm here to share my tips and tricks I have learned on my own for the past %&^$% years :) Enjoy my lovelies.


  1. WAIT! Are you telling me that the photos that I have seen of you here are not all taken RECENTLY as the other blog notes?????? WOW how do you do it? I think the makeup needs to talk to you and find out how natural it is for you to look the same for the past 16 years since this photo. How do you do it? I wish I still looked the same as I did 20 years ago……Richard would have definitely been interested in me. He is gray now, however I still say he knows how to pick the right options in life. Tell me more girl. Tell me more……:) Angie is here to be your student.

    • says:

      Hello Angie how have you been? I hope all is well. As far as looking the same, well I have changed. I’m a little more seasoned today than I was back then. I’m sure Richard would have had a hard time deciding between you and me:) c’est la vie. Don’t ever stop commenting; you make MY day!

  2. OMG, I can’t believe that is you so many years ago!!!! You haven’t changed at all, if anything you seem so much younger now!! What beauty products were you using back then??? I must know….anyone else thinks this picture looks like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman????

    • ifmakeupcouldtalk says:

      Oh stop it…you are making me blush!! As much as I loved makeup back then, I never used foundation!!! I didn’t need it, my skin was so smooth..Today is a different story. Oh how I wish Richard would have pulled up in the limo back then and shouted, “M I will save you and take you away to Bora Bora”. Oh the fantasies rolling around in my head! Thank you for your kindness and support.

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